Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday’s 5-Star Special
none that I know of

Civilization in Decline
China said it will put an end to Tibetan Buddhists’ auto-perpetual line of succession for choosing their wisest; from now on, living top-of-the-line Buddhas will have to apply to the gov’t to be reincarnated . . . . . A crisis of angst in Japan: Unknown people are giving away huge sums of money on the street, prank-like, but the strait-laced Nipponese react as they’ve been taught: by turning it in to police (but apparently it’s bothering them that they’re expected to do that) . . . . . Latest Piece of Work: Dentist Michael West of Mississippi is perhaps responsible for several death sentences by his absolute certainty that scratches here and there could have come only from the bite-mark patterns of whoever he said made them, when other "forensic odontologists" are still stroking their chins (or think those things are, like, insect bites). Bonus: West has enshrined himself as a genuine god, and historically defense-loathing Mississippi jurors suck up his every word.

The Human Condition Today
The Washington, D.C., dry-cleaning litigator, Roy Pearson, is remaining in character: With his day job as judge precariously on the line, he trashed his nominal supervisor (and thus will probably be denied re-appointment) . . . . .It had to happen: Two men were arrested after a high-speed car chase through Independence, Mo., and cops suspect the guys sucked them into it just to make a video of the chase that they could sell . . . . . A 57-yr-old Castle Rock, Colo., man took The Only Way Out, but scored a rare 9.8 for style: the ol’ "tie a cable to a pillar, with the other end around your neck, then get in the car and floor it."

Your Daily Loser
Amanda Bailey, 41, arrested for DUI in Tampa (2nd time in three months), happened to have put on, that morning, one of those "I’m not an alcoholic / I’m a drunk" t-shirts, which made for a great booking photo.

Ferrucio Pilenga runs the Italian Dog Rescue School, and his labradors and newfoundlands can actually jump out of choppers into the water, side by side with humans (but it takes 21 dog years to teach them to do that) . . . . . Discovery Channel reports that illiterate Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert are now using Palm Pilots to record wildlife movements for conservationists (select animal or plant by icon / select activity by icon / enter how many / location automatically entered by GPS).

Professor Music’s Weird Links makes fantasy outfits for the Japanese imagination, but this is even more disturbing than usual: an apparently-working USB keyboard in the form of a bra. Someone had to think that up, and then other people had to agree it would be a good idea to make them and put them on sale.

NOTW, The Blog
Yr Editor feels an obligation to keep readers up to date on sub-mainstream fetishes, and thus I bring F-Stater Brenda Farrell, 40, to your attention. However, this story is Not Safe for Good Taste, and you’re not going to like it, but I can’t stop you from clicking it.

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