Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday’s 5-Star Special
This is beyond Yr Editor’s 3-day staleness rule for stories here, and I beg your forgiveness because, after all, this is important to know [via Reason magazine]: A married couple in Kinda, Sweden, was just turned down for full unemployment benefits, in that, as the husband declared, his "conscience and on an intellectual level" demands that he refuse traditional "work." They sorta farm for themselves, but this requirement of taking a job somewhere is just not for them. (Bonus: The gov’t said No this time, but their little arrangement worked for 10 yrs!).

Civilization in Decline
Cambodia and Vietnam announced they’re going halvsies on a 5-star resort and golf course (9 holes on each side of the border) on a spot that was heavily bombed during the war [Ed.: . . and what’s the over/under in years until Disney Fallujah?] . . . . . Massachusetts indicted the seller of the epoxy that didn’t hold up the pieces in the Big Dig tunnel that still leaks and that came fatally crashing down on that motorist, alleging that the company knew damn well the epoxy wouldn’t hold, but the corporate penalty for Involuntary Manslaughter in the state is a fine not to exceed $1,000 [LINK CORRECTED] . . . . . The Palestinian Authority’s bureaucratic software mistakenly paid the salaries in July of 3,000 of its former security officers, who had already signed up with Hamas before July.

The Human Condition Today
The human condition of Catholic Fr. Robert Whipkey of Frederick, Colo., was, well, naked, which is how he was jogging on the local high school track at 4:30 a.m., which he said was because he sweats too much to wear even that DuPont miracle fiber stuff . . . . . The principal of Unity High School in NYC was fired for trying to help "calm the students down" by setting up Santeria rituals (chicken blood, etc.) on campus . . . . . London’s The Sun appears to have a real interview with a real human DIY castrator (he didn’t want to do it, himself, but Nat’l Health Service said he’d have had to wait two yrs to get it done on their dime) . . . . . Señor Jorge Hank lost a close race for governor of Tijuana, Mexico, which is not very interesting, except that he disclosed that he owns a vest made of the skins of donkey penises . . . . . Jeromy Jackson filed a lawsuit against McD’s after he bit on his Quarter-Pounder and discovered cheese, which he’s allergic to and which he had pleaded with them not to give him (Bonus: His lawsuit claims he "took multiple preventive steps to assure that his food did not contain cheese," er, but on the other hand, he apparently didn’t think to lift the bun) . . . . . Muslim Myra Morton, 47, was charged in Norristown, Pa., with murdering her longtime husband on the day before he’d have left for Morocco to mate up with his brand-new second wife (to which Myra had previously, reluctantly agreed) (Bonus: Myra turned herself in to police, or at least they think it’s Myra because she wore full body and face covering).

Your Daily Loser
Steve Graham has been having marital problems since ‘99 but still lives at the address with his wife, except he mostly sleeps in a car in the back yard, where he apparently drives neighbors crazy with loud music and bad bathroom hygiene, among other things. An extension cord from the house is all he needs for the radio and TV. (Money quote: "I get better [radio] reception [outside] than I do [inside]. I listen to Rush [Limbaugh] every day, just about.")

The major player in Reform Judaism has now come out four-square for blessing transsexuals (one prayer for the in-progress people, another after you cross the finish line) . . . . . Recurring Theme: Rattlesnake heads don’t quite cross over to the other Other Side until a few seconds after you chop them off, as this Prosser, Wash., guy found out.

Professor Music’s Weird Links
Strange Chinese Dolls for Russian Kids, er, gender-confused Russian kids.

NOTW, The Blog
Housing problems will be continuing until the end of next week, probably, but I’ll try to be more consistent in posting. Tomorrow’s probably a Go.

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