Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday’s 5-Star Special
Final Saturday in August . . .

Civilization in Decline
Baseball commissioner Selig might try to say that he’s been spending so much time getting to the bottom of that steroid thing that he didn’t have time to notice that MLB’s official cap supplier New Era has been selling New York Yankees caps in colors tailored (not accidental; tailored) to the three big gangs operating in the Bronx.

The Human Condition Today
When performing brain surgery at Rhode Island Hospital and noticing that the patient’s record is incomplete, be sure to rely on your memory of which side of his head the problem’s on rather than ordering up the CT sca—oops, sorry ‘bout that! . . . . . Money is no object when one’s pet comes down with an injury, so if the vet says he needs 7 surgeries to fix up your precious little doggie, or your darling little kitty cat, or, or, your hen . . ..

Kenyan Wildlife Service accepts the fact that monkeys are terrorizing the village of Nachu, and that they’re gender-savvy and know they have less to fear from women (even when the women dress in men’s clothes to make them more fearsome), but they don’t quite accept the claim from some of the women that the monkeys gesture in ways that mock the women’s private parts . . . . . Not that those monkeys have sex on their mind more than Chumbee, the world’s horniest koala.

Here’s a slide show, courtesy of London’s The Sun, of doggie hairpieces made and sold by F State dog-boutique owner Ruth Regina [NOTW 968, 8-27-2006]. Some of Regina’s pieces are of human hair, shampooed and dyed, and fitted onto a pooch’s shaved head. (Unfortunately, what we don’t have is a slide show of the women who are Regina’s customers.)

Professor Music’s Weird Links
We don’t have Ruth Regina’s customers, but we do have a gallery of mostly jokey "redneck" photos (jokey being not the purpose of Weird Links), but included are a few candid, obviously-sincerely-made snapshots of People Different From Us, such as the distraught husband’s reaction to Elyse’s cheating on him, and such as the large NASCAR fan, who appears to be a little too recently arrived from Piltdown Man, and who has shaved the NASCAR-magic "3" out of his back hair.

NOTW, The Blog
Swiss and British researchers, writing this week in Science, found that a person generally believes he is where his eyes tell him he is, and if you block that signal and stimulate other senses, he’ll believe with all his heart that he’s somewhere else. (Consumed chemicals could provide the stimulation, as well as a body’s chemical imbalances.) Yr Editor is no scientist, but it seems this finding reeks of significance. The kick-ass physicist Bob Park [8-24-2007] said it kinda discounts the main "proof" by people of faith that there is a soul distinct from the body. Yr Editor says it way-easily explains the commitment shown by people who claim to have been abducted by aliens and vividly describe "out of body" experiences (and of course explains why all such victims describe the abductions almost exactly the same way, which would be highly unlikely unless there were a rigid code of abductor conduct).

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