Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday’s 5-Star Special
Obnoxious dental patient Benjamin Meng, 38, was fined the equivalent of about US$990 after pleading guilty to something or other in Singapore, where he had made orgasmic-type moans, and lewd remarks, while fondling his own chest, and he apparently thought it was a good idea to do all this in the chair while the young female dentist was scaling his teeth with, of course, razor-like instruments.

Civilization in Decline
GAO announced yesterday that the Pentagon, despite an ostensible ban, had continued to sell surplus parts (over 1,300 in February) that are quite useful in repairing F-14 Tomcat fighter jets, whose only known owner these days (long after being retired in the U.S.) is Iran . . . . . The new raging-success video game in China now is "Incorruptible Fighter," with the object to kill corrupt gov’t officials (apparently based on actual, though historical, corruption cases, but if the idea comes to America, things might not be so polite).

People Whose Sex Lives Are Worse Than Yours
Verle Dills, 60, was arrested in Sioux Falls, S.D., with evidence indicating that his hobby (over, say, two yrs) is setting up a camera in public places and having sex with road signs.

If only Michael Vick had gone down this road in life, instead: boxing matches with beetles, in Japan (Best parts: not to the death, and no rape stands) . . . . . Horrifically depressing news: Two Univ. of Cincinnati researchers have devised a computer program that can understand and create puns . . . . . The minor league baseball team in Lowell, Mass., staged a "politically correct" game night last week (e.g., errors were not announced so as not to hurt anyone's feelings; the guy who plays between 3rd and 2nd was the "vertically-challenged stop") . . . . . Wrong place, wrong time: Once again, a dog shoots his owner (in the back, with a handgun) . . . . . A science journal touts a Hungarian bird (the penduline tit), where mom and dad eagerly abandon the nest prematurely so each can go out and chase some more tail . . . . . According to this press release from the journal Homeopathy, its new special issue will host a range of writings showing that water molecules can remember things.

NOTW has mentioned [NOTW 993, 2-18-2007] that famous Japanese (or Australian) Waygu steaks are so exquisite that you probably can’t afford to eat one, but there’s quite a detail in this-here story about their introduction in a Phoenix steakhouse: Farmers take a nose print of each cow so that if your steak’s not good enough, they can track down and punish the farmer . . . . . Following up the link Prof. Music provided last week [NOTW Daily, 7-27-2007], here’s a blog entry on the fashionableness of casts and surgical masks [link from].

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