Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday’s 5-Star Special
Not much out there today. [See The Blog, below]

Civilization in Decline
Just imagine what their security’d be like if airliners had taken down a couple of their tall buildings: Shenzhen, China (pop. 12m), is installing 20,000 surveillance cameras, plus will this month begin issuing mandatory computer-chip ID cards to every resident, with work history, education, religion, ancestry, police record, and, ahem, reproductive history.

The Human Condition Today
Evidently, Caesars casino in Indiana is one of the few majors that doesn’t yet have a "seat-changer" crew, to quickly clean up chairs occupied by entranced slots addicts who refuse to take restroom breaks . . . . . The latest text-messaging tragedy: Pedestrian Zachariah Smith, 18, waited patiently for the CSX train to pass before crossing, but then got hit by the Norfolk Southern train coming the other way (but he survived) . . . . . Australian Stephen Peterson, 42, was turned down in his appeal of his not-guilty/insanity hospitalization for murder, since his main point was that the "gods" who had told him to murder should have been called as witnesses.

Your Daily Loser
Louisiana inmate (child molester) Sherman Burton, sentenced in 1999 to 7 yrs, increased to 20 because he was a multiple offender, relentlessly appealed over the years, and the court finally revised the sentence . . to life.

They're trained archaeologists, and even though we cannot imagine how they know, we must accept what they tell us: British students found a hard glob of something that the Kierikki Stone Age Centre in Finland identifies as a 5,000-yr-old piece of chewing gum.

Professor Music’s Weird Links
The Poison Ivy Rash Hall of Fame (maybe Not Safe for Stomachs)

NOTW, The Blog
Yr Editor's standard explanation for light August news days (and light December days): Lots of editors and reporters go on holiday; lots of major players' decisions, normally pregnant with potential, get postponed until September. [But Chuck, aren't print journalists always smirking that August's dog days mean papers are jammed with oddball fillers?] True: The quantity of allegedly-weird news remains, but but but this-here page you're reading is Pro Edition! Yr Editor has already seen far too many stories of robbers pretending to have guns when it's really a vibrator, or a cucumber, or a screwdriver, or a flashlight.

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