Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday’s 5-Star Special
Nothin’ doin’ today. Yr Editor will try again tomorrow, and Friday, but will not post on Thursday or Saturday. Back on Labor Day!

Civilization in Decline
It’s Good to Be a British Prisoner (cont’d): If you murder a beloved person in cold blood, the gov’t so fears vigilantes when it releases you that it sets up a program (at a cost estimated at the equivalent of $2m/yr) to protect your privacy. (Bonus: This particular perp, Learco Chindamo, is actually an Italian national, but the UK figures that it can’t deport him when he’s released because that would violate EU laws and Britain’s Human Rights Act, which Chindamo has every reason to deserve protection of)

The Human Condition Today
A post mortem revealed that a 40-yr-old Brit is the latest person to die in a urination accident . . . . . It’s not just the shacks and trailer homes in the sticks: A $2.6m mansion in Saddle River, N.J., is found to be uninhabitable because of garbage and feces from the owners’ 100-plus dogs and cats (with, e.g, both tubs in the master suite being caked "in at least two inches of fecal matter") . . . . . Yesterday, Yr Editor featured tag-team wrestling and today, in Wisconsin, tag-team DUI! . . . . . The big story around Weird Central yesterday was Hulk Hogan’s son’s car crash (with his buddy still in critical condition) (along with, possibly, Hulk’s bank account, should the buddy die), but Nick was far from a reckless driver, or at least that’s what the instructor concluded after awarding Nick a "professional drifting license" for his ability to maneuver his car sideways.

Sounds Like a Joke: "A group of anarchists" announced a meeting next weekend in Minneapolis to coordinate protests (at next yr’s Republican convention) . . . . . Headline, from Malaysia (via Reuters): "Freak Fall Traps Boy’s Testicles" . . . . . Winnie Langley turned 100 by smoking her usual five cigarettes a day, which she says she has done since she was 7 (but she’s never inhaled).

About that Ted Haggard thing in yesterday’s NOTW Daily: Slate.com ran a longer, authoritative breakout on it, underscoring the fishiness of the whole thing.

Professor Music’s Weird Links
A real art exhibit this month in Los Angeles, with uninhibited painters and illustrators turned loose on the ol’ sitcom The Golden Girls, and some of their pieces are definitely NSFW, so beware!

Newsrangers: Steve Miller, Matt Mirapaul, Kenneth Urban
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