Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wednesday’s 5-Star Special
Australian Les Stewart is about to have his Guinness Book record resurrected and publicized on the website [linked, by the way, in NOTW Daily, 7-30-2007] so he expects a lot of attention, and it appears that he couldn’t be prouder. His record is that from 1983 to 1998, he wrote out all the numbers (the words for numbers) from 1 to 1,000,000, and the reason he gives for doing it is that he just "wanted something to do." [Ed.: That’s it. Just that. All the other uses of his time that he could think of were, to him, clearly inferior to this activity. This is not quite to the level of the guy who diary-recorded his life for 24 yrs in 5-minute segments [NOTW 860, 8-1-2004], but still . . ..]

Civilization in Decline
Dickenson County, Va., vies with the F State for harrumphing over drug addiction: A jury recommended Jody Powers get 135 yrs in the slammer for selling 6 pills (Well, it was within a couple blocks of a school).

The Human Condition Today
If your church really, really needs a preacher, I guess even a convicted sex offender will do . . . . . Wonderful Lede Sentence, from Wendover, Utah: "The wife of the Wendover police chief has been arrested for selling drugs at the club where she strips" . . . . . Paranoia battles narcissism for the soul of Pennsylvania hunters: The state gov’t is closing down new gun sales for five whole days in September to upgrade its background-check system, and hunting advocates are so busy being livid about that, presumably, that they haven’t time to head over to their local gun shops this week or next to buy whatever they need . . . . . And somehow there’s controversy about a South Carolina prison directive that inmates who do public sex acts in guards’ faces will get dressed in pink for 60 days; the inmates say it’s just not appropriate to humiliate them like that.

Your Daily Loser
The guy’s not an idiot because it took some doing to set up that hidden camera beside the ATM, to photograph people keying in their PINs, but then he got in the way of the lens without realizing it. (He’s still on the loose in the Detroit area.)

Please, no punchlines about Leona Helmsley or Montgomery Burns: A University of Arkansas researcher said ball pythons, rat snakes, and Western diamondback rattlers, if starving, eat their own hearts first, which buys them more time to find food.

That shoulder-fired missile launcher turned in at an F State gun-buyback program [NOTW Daily, 8-20-2007] turned out just to be a carrying case for an anti-tank weapon, an expert said . . . . . Naturally, the union representing those D.C. jailers who didn’t recognize a woman from a strip search [NOTW Daily, 8-18-2007] whined that the gov't wasn't being fair; the jailers were fired for failing to follow "mandatory procedures that would have revealed" the gender (such as, presumably, eyeballing her stuff).

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