Saturday, September 08, 2007

Saturday’s 5-Star Special
Jerry Scholes, who had been out on bail, was sentenced in Malvern, Ark., to 50 yrs in prison for rape, despite his having a day earlier nearly passed out from sawing halfway through his leg to get his ankle monitor off (or was he just trying to prove he was nuts?). And, yeah, at the hospital, they just moved the monitor to the other leg.

Civilization in Decline
This factory in China has a formal three-strikes policy: three times sassing back to management, and you’re out . . . . . The District of Calamity: What group of blues but the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia would be viewed as soft targets for theft (serial breakins of cruisers and officers’ homes, to steal high-tech police gear)?

The Human Condition Today
Chinese official Pang Jiayu was fired and booted from the Communist Party for corruption, turned in by all 11 of his mistresses, some of whom he had provoked by sentencing their husbands to death for corruption . . . . . To top off a miraculous survival story from the Oregon woods (76-yr-old woman, 2 weeks without food), the husband said, "I thought I’d never see her again until the rapture" . . . . . A 37-yr-old Cincinnati-area man was killed in a house blaze, but firefighters said he might have survived if his only viable exit hadn’t been blocked by a 5-ft stack of cases of beer . . . . . Latest amateur child-porn researcher (who accumulates the stuff for, snicker, snicker, assisting law enforcement): Rev. Henry Edgington of Waco, Tex.

In Carlisle Crown Court in northern England, a 79-minute criminal trial, from swearing in the jury to conviction (said to be a record, pending getting someone to check out many tons of records back to the Magna Carta) . . . . . A New Zealand man found bugging devices in the two cars that police seized-and-returned-to-him, and what more appropriate thing to do with the devices than put them up for sale on the (eBay-type site) Trade Me? . . . . . Apparently there’s nothing at a Dollar Store worth stealing (or was it that the 15 shoppers, who wandered into the locked store to browse when the locks failed, were all honest?).

To help clear up the confusion from that NOTW Daily story [8-27-2007] about Tennessee marijuana possessors having to pay a tax for their dope (despite the fact that the stash would still be illegal): The state Court of Appeals yesterday declared the tax unconstitutional.

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