Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday’s 5-Star Special
Y'know, I just can't decide. There are several good ones.

Civilization in Decline
30 Iowa school districts got their applications for state preschool grants tossed because of inadequate plann—no, wait, they were tossed because they weren’t double-spaced (but a few that were, er, 1.5-spaced, squeaked by) . . . . . A federal appeals court ruled that NYC's College of Staten Island is entitled (not required, just entitled) to not recognize a "fraternity" if it discriminates in admission against women . . . . . India's contribution to the Science/Creationism debate: The gov’t has been pressured not to question whether an ancient stone bridge was formed by nature or built by the god Ram and his monkeys.

The Human Condition Today
Murder convict Crossan Hoover finally got justice, after 25 yrs, when a federal magistrate ruled that he might well have been correct at his 1982 trial when he asserted that he was nuts (Bonus: His delusion was that he was gonna militarily take over California’s Marin County and make it all better!) . . . . . Russia’s checkerboard murderer (64 squares on the board, 49 charged murders, 62 confessed to) said he wasn’t ready to enter an actual plea right now because, ahem, "Some of my personal issues have not been resolved yet."

Your Daily Loser
A guy installed IED booby traps in his home after a burglary (in the high-crime mecca of Lansing, Mich.), and on Thursday accidentally got his hand blown off.

The "amorphous, jellylike creatures" (aka "blobs," "zooids") showing up on trees and dock pilings around Grapevine Lake near the D-FW metroplex are a sign of good water quality! . . . . . Alien: A guy emerged from a swim in the Atlantic in South Florida with a 3-ft-long shark attached to his abdomen.

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