Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Civilization in Decline
The Associated Press uncovered details of a consciously-hidden 2005 NASA survey of pilots about the safeness of commercial air travel, and, basically, you’d soil your pants if you knew . . . . . The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is out there somewhere between California and Hawaii, still growing (3m tons of mostly-plastic trash, 2x the size of Texas).

The Human Condition Today
The Taiwanese military officially abandoned its Theory Y experiment in management style: No more hugging the draftees . . . . . A super-conscientious sex offender in Springfield, Ill., feeling the urge coming on again, doused the desire with a, uh, fillet knife.

A Michigan physician and his teenage son figured out a chemical test to bust smokers who lie about it (which is a good thing, I suppose, but the story’s here mainly because the smoking-test kid’s name is "Ashray") . . . . . Awesome in Norfolk, Va.: pillows spill on the Interstate, trucks drive over them, popping them open, feathers all over the place!

Good Enough for Gov’t Work
This looked at first glance like a hack of the CIA website, but, no, it's apparently what the Counterterrorist Center thinks is a good idea: a Ghostbusters-type logo to, y'know, make Americans feel more secure. [link from Wonkette.com, via Copyranter blog]

Professor Music’s Weird Links
It’s supposedly a new-age-type technique for helping the mentally-imbalanced by "re-setting the brain," but despite the quasi-medical backstory, it looks to Yr Editor like a glorified Three Stooges punch (not that there's anything wrong with that). But y’all let me know if it works for you.

The Bogota dog owners did not actually pay the $350k ransom, which completely removes the reason for including the story in NOTW Daily yesterday. Sometimes, Yr Editor reads a story in one place (not online, or online from an inconvenient source), writes it up, and then grabs a link to give you guys, assuming that the linked story’s details will match the details that I already "knew," but occasionally they don’t.

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