Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Civilization in Decline
Cemetery workers in Najaf, Iraq, say "the surge" must be working because their incomes are down by a third . . . . . The city of Vienna, Austria, with a 66% divorce rate, will hold a two-day "divorce fair" with 20 vendors of divorce and post-divorce services . . . . . Fine Point of the Law: Philly judge Teresa Carr Deni ignored the gunpoint-gang-rape charges and set the five men to trial for "theft of services" because the prostitute had already agreed to sex but merely failed to get paid for it.

The Human Condition Today
The human condition was on display all over Pennsylvania, and not just in Judge Deni’s courtroom: (1) "Baby boy" Jones, 29, snatched a cell phone in Lancaster and then asked a ransom for it, of, er, $185,000; (2) A Scranton woman was criminally charged for cussing out her own toilet in her own home; (3) a Pittsburgh woman had to be rescued when she crawled under an SUV to spy on her husband’s alleged affair and couldn’t get up . . . . . A West Virginia man was stopped by police as he was tooling around the streets of Beckley in a motorboat (with his four grandkids) pulled by a lawn mower . . . . . At least two people in the audience of a hypnotist in Logan, Utah, had trouble coming out of their trances, and panic ensued . . . . . Son, 57, wanted to put dad, 81, into a nursing home in San Francisco but mistakenly thought admission had to be via a hospital and so bashed dad over the head with a hammer . . . . . How to guarantee a spot in NOTW Daily: be a Catholic parish priest and worship Elvis on the side (Bonus: sermons sprinkled with lyrics of Celine Dion).

Your Daily Loser
The robber of a bank in Miami Springs, Fla., ran back inside as police closed in on him and yelled at the tellers: "You ruined my life! I told you not to call [the] police!"

The Quebec legislature banned members’ use of the word "weathervane" (meaning, one who shifts his opinions easily) because the people so described were feeling hurt by the term . . . . . Weird on Several Levels: To reduce crime in Le Havre, Frawnts (crime which often germinates when thugs gather in entry halls to apartment houses), the gov’t built a make-believe entry hall into a non-existent building, and somehow, they believe, the project is working.

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