Monday, October 22, 2007

Civilization in Decline
Macaques, as, er, descendants of the Hindu monkey god, are allowed to roam free in India, and in their latest foray, a pack attacked the deputy mayor of Delhi, knocking him off his balcony to a fatal landing below (By the way, Delhi and New Delhi have separate gov’ts, so the late deputy mayor was not a part of the New Delhi nat’l gov’t, whose Chief Minister is, of course, the lovely Sheila Dikshit) . . . . . In Ampthill, Bedfordshire, England, firefighters were banned from climbing ladders (safety, you know) to help remove the town’s decorations . . . . . The Associated Press tallied nationwide sex abuse by teachers (2,570 cases from 2001-2005, with about 14,500 [CORRECTION: uh, 1,450] being classic teacher-underage student).

The Human Condition Today
Univ. of Calif., Riverside recruits science students by running a cockroach petting zoo . . . . . The couple in Bogota paid the ransom (equivalent of $350k) [CORRECTION: They didn't pay it, and Yr Editor regrets the story] and got back their, er, dog . . . . . The teenager from Taunton, Mass., gave his secret to growing that award-winning pumpkin: "You spend all your time with it. No sports. You just come home and be with the pumpkin" . . . . . A new high-water mark in stashing: A man anticipating a prison sentence showed up in court in Cork, Ireland, with a cell phone, charger, and SIM card wrapped separately in foil in his rectum and five tiny packets of heroin under his foreskin . . . . . Speaking of which, sorta, it says here, on a South African website, that surgeons in Kenya removed a 10-inch-long, empty half-liter beer bottle from a guy’s rectum and concluded that it was so far in that it couldn’t have been one of those auto-erotic things . . . . . Juan Arreola, 20, will go down hard in Easton, Pa., after he told the judge that he smacked his girlfriend’s 2-yr-old because he himself is "not a morning person" . . . . . A Missouri baby was born with a 0.17 blood-alcohol reading, and lived to the age of 15 minutes, and thus mom’s charged with involuntary manslaughter . . . . . From a NY Times correction [scroll down at the link]: "Because of an editing error, an obituary . . misidentified the person . . arm in arm with Elvis Presley at a Memphis club in 1956. It was B.B. King, not the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."

PETA alert: The "Mythbusters" TV show announced it will soon put 200 cockroaches into chambers with progressively more radiation, to see when they die, to help determine whether they’d really survive a nuclear attack.

Professor Music’s Weird Links
Braille tattoos, ouch, designed by Klara Jirkova of the University of the Arts Berlin

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