Thursday, October 25, 2007

Civilization in Decline
Singapore’s parliament voted to legalize oral and anal sex, er, for straights, not gays . . . . . Alabaman Daniel Siebert got a stay of execution, with this winning argument: Er, the lethal-injection drugs might interact with my pancreatic cancer medication (Bonus: The cancer’ll take him before the U.S. Supreme Court gets around to deciding) . . . . . USA Today found that, since 2000, more than 55,000 people have moved into the neighborhoods on fire this week in California [Ed.: Yeah, yeah, the F State builds homes on the coast, but we don’t ask thousands of emergency workers to put their lives on the line to save 'em] . . . . . Sandhurst Junior School in south London lined up its 100 kids for a photo, lightest-skinned on the left, working up to the darkest on the right (Seriously).

The Human Condition Today
A lawyer on People magazine’s list of most-eligible bachelors for 2001 apparently only wants it if he can grab it: He was just accused, for the third time, of sexual assault . . . . . You can egg a house; you can TP a house; and in Iowa, I guess, you ought to be able to corn a house . . . . . Deterrence works: An Oregonian, fleeing police on several charges, crossed into Idaho, causing the police to stand down, but then turned around and drove back into Oregon because he fears Idaho jails . . . . . He’s either a kinder/gentler pervert, or a man with verrrrry specific turn-ons: A convicted sex offender found a wandering 3-yr-old boy on the street and returned him unharmed (but his crime was assaulting a 4-year-old boy) . . . . . Someone vandalized the Atlanta "peace garden" statue of that iconic man of peace, Dr. Martin Lu—uh, no, actually, it was the Tupak Shakur peace statue.

Your Daily Loser
An 18-yr-old woman started the whole thing when she tried to shave her cat, which she thought was the best solution to the cat’s flea problem, and brother Nicholas Palmer, 22, heroically rescued it, which caused the sister to call the police claiming Nicholas pushed her down, and now there’s an all-out dragnet around Swanville, Maine, looking for the poor guy.

It’s apparently a YouTube hit, so you’ve probably seen it, but it’s years-old footage of Kevin Rudd (whose party is favored in the November parliamentary elections in Australia and who would thus be prime minister), in the background at his seat in the parliament, excavating an ear and tasting the results . . . . . "The State Department with great fanfare on Tuesday," wrote the Associated Press, announced an agreement allowing the U.S. to board another country’s ships to look for WMD’s, and in this case "another country" refers to that maritime super-power, Mongolia (as in Gobi Desert).

Professor Music’s Weird Links
It seems that the artist Paddy Hartley wanted to make a point or two about facial beauty and thus created Facial Corsets to render himself, temporarily, as ugly as he possibly could. Point taken.

Newsrangers: Ginger Katz, Paul Di Filippo
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