Thursday, October 18, 2007

Civilization in Decline
This massive, UK-gov’t-funded report says it’s society’s fault that people are fat, and it does little good to tell individuals to push the plate back.

The Human Condition Today
The Vatican announced two new Cardinals yesterday, but surely not making the cut was San Francisco’s Archbishop George Niederauer, who just apologized for giving Communion Sunday before last to two street-theater gay men dressed as nuns . . . . . The old senior-driver/gas-brake problem took out a highly respected oncologist in Brockton, Mass., who happened to be standing by the front window when 76-yr-old Jane Berghold came through it . . . . . It doesn’t happen often, but, wait, why does it happen at all, i.e., how can someone drive onto railroad tracks, precisely to the middle of the track, and then suddenly, mysteriously, be unable to move the car either forward or backward, as happened to Betsy DeVall in Greer, S.C.? . . . . . A proposal is on the table to dedicate new public toilets in a London neighborhood to late gay playwright Joe Orton, who apparently spent much time in that area toe-tapping.

Your Daily Loser
Kingsport, Tenn., police took away Christopher Dougherty, who despite numerous efforts by the people at a Hardee’s to keep him conscious, was found passed-out, face-down in a gravy plate (AWI) (Bonus: Reporter's name is Kacie Dingus Breeding, hehheh, hehheh, hehhehheh).

A sorta-paranoid Dallas, Tex., man, who has a ridiculously high-tech security system, had to rely on his low-tech parrot to warn him of an intruder (who is no longer with us) . . . . . A gov’t report, the Campbelltown (Australia) Sex Industry Development Control Plan, refers to gay "sex-on-premises establishments" as "suckatoria" (Seriously).

Good Enough for Gov’t Work
Transportation Security Administration again: Two of its contractors’ laptops are missing, containing personnel information (not to be confused with the previous TSA computers with personnel information that have been lost or stolen). Meanwhile, USA Today found a classified report from 2005 revealing that TSA screeners at LAX and O’Hare missed 75% and 60% respectively of test bomb parts in passenger clothes and carry-ons (but the rate at SFO, where screening is by a private company, was only 20%).

The German cannibal Armin Meiwes just sat for his first TV interview, and Der Spiegel has it (including, yes, it "tastes like pork") . . . . . Another thing besides humans that’s not supposed to be food, according the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, is artist Cosimo Cavallaro’s chocolate Jesus (life-size, naked, anatomically-correct), but it’ll be on display in NYC next week.

Professor Music’s Weird Links
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