Tuesday, October 16, 2007

NOTW, The Blog
Listen up: Yr Editor has some business to attend to, and I figure it’ll take about 30 days (maybe a bit longer). The only effects on NOTW Daily will be: (1) I won’t post on Saturdays until at least mid-November, and (2) each daily post will have less of my sardonic commentary, in favor of sort of a lightly annotated collection of story links (as you can plainly see, below). I’ll still be doing business, and I’ll still be doing the same amount of collecting stories, but I just won’t be able to write up as much every day, and I hope to be out of this-here chair by 9 a.m and on to other things. I didn’t want to drop this on you without explanation.

Civilization in Decline
Manassas, Va., fired a longtime employee because, well, she came down with cancer, and employment law experts muddle around and say that might be OK . . . . . Can’t Possibly Be True: A Marine assigned to fight in a stateside role-playing demonstration was roughed up and shot by the Lebanese actor hired to be the enemy . . . . . A Utah water district hands out bottles of purified water as promotions, but to scare everyone, the labels list these ingredients of typical sewer water.

The Human Condition Today

He put a penny on a railroad track to show how a train would flatten it, but then he didn’t get himself off the track in time . . . . . The man wanted worldwide for that child-rape video was arrested in Nevada while driving a car around with no license plate . . . . . Merely Quasi-Weird: an attempted baby-snatching in Westbury, Conn., and police are looking for a "hunchbacked" woman.

Your Daily Loser

Suave pick-up con man was done in by failing to keep straight whether he was a "doctor" or a "lawyer."

Scientists now know why some fish get insomnia.

Rev. Fred Phelps and family are being sued in Pennsylvania for one of those GI-deaths-are-God’s-punishing-fag-America demonstrations, but the judge said the "defamation" count is out because saying that Satan is after you is not a credible insult anymore . . . . . The wife of Oral Roberts Univ.’s president proclaimed her purity against charges [NOTW Daily, 10-6-2007], but three fired professors say they’ve got time-stamped photos of her hanging out in the middle of the night with a teen hunk.

Professor Music’s Weird Links
In honor of Rev. Phelps, here is his website (which is earnest), and here is Yr Editor's favorite parody site, Landover Baptist (well, besides FSM, Church of the SubGenius, and, er, Scientology).

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