Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday’s 5-Star Special
"Experimental fashion designer" Aya Tsukioka introduces $800-and-up clothing items to protect Tokyo women fearful of crime, e.g., unwrap the skirt, and it converts into a full-size fabric rendition of a vending machine, to fool the perp (Seriously) (Of course there's a photo).

Civilization in Decline
It says here that, though the Myanmar generals ignore United Nations pressure, they won’t ignore women sending in their panties (which legend has it pussifies he-men) (Bonus: Prostitutes in Bolivia revolt against the shutdown of brothels in a La Paz suburb by threatening to march in their work clothes, i.e., naked) . . . . . Patty Cooper of Vermont sure enough needs a service animal, but . . a horse? (Bonus: with Patty’s apartment-remodeling suggestions to her landlord, e.g., in-room stable, hay, pee-proof flooring).

The Human Condition Today
Tajuan Bullock got caught burglarizing a house, and the homeowner made him clean up the mess to pass time before cops arrived (and Tajuan got attitude about it!) . . . . . Mona Shaw, repeatedly dissed by her cable company Comcast, lives the American Dream (with a claw hammer) . . . . . Scammer to the Accounts Payable dept. at SuperValu (one of America’s largest grocery chains): Start sending our payments to this-here address instead of the one you’ve been using, OK? (SuperValu: Sure, will do!) (SuperValu’s loss: $10.1M) . . . . . The mother of Atlanta Olympic bomber Eric Rudolph complained about her baby boy’s harsh conditions at Supermax [Ed.: Hey, mom, when he was on the run, dude lived in a cave and ate out of Dumpsters] . . . . . George Dallas Jr., 29, was arrested in Orlando, for the, er, 108th time.

Your Daily Loser
Still seething, after all these yrs: Thomas McGriff served his mandatory sentence for domestic abuse, got out, immediately opened up more abuse, and 12 hrs later was back in the hole.

Sounds Like a Joke: The respected Rotterdam Natural History Museum put out a call for a species long missing from its collection: pubic hair lice . . . . . Urban Legend Come to Life: Squirrel bites into power line, catches fire, falls underneath Camry, sets it on fire, ta-daaaaa!

Good Enough for Gov’t Work
Gee, thanks for catching that error! The Pentagon made a big deal Thursday, announcing the richest single contract in its history ($24B to Boeing). Friday: Actually, it was $24M, sorry about that.

Here’s one thing that Transportation Security Administration, IRS, the VA, Homeland Security, et al, might consider doing about all those laptop thefts.

Professor Music’s Weird Links
Wired’s 10 Most Curious Canned Goods Found Online, including canned haggis and things that sound like jokes, such as reindeer pâté and silkworm pupae.

NOTW, The Blog
This is a make-up post from yesterday. My current schedule, until mid-November, at least, is to publish somewhat-shorter posts Monday through Friday, with none Saturdays. There is nothing bad happening to Yr Editor these days, but when you’re a one-man show (except for your news tips!), and other projects come along that have to be attended to, I have to cut back.

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