Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday’s 5-Star Special
Rabid white nationalist Kevin Strom (Wikipedia says his National Vanguard org’n has disbanded) was acquitted of sexual enticement of an 11-yr-old girl last week in Charlottesville, Va., and apparently the original episodes were good readin’. He was married at the time to another white supremacist, who had a fierier temper even than Kevin’s. She happened to walk in one day to catch Kevin naked and pounding his pud to photos of "young white nationalist-movement singers the couple both knew, superimposed onto a picture of nude and entwined women," according to C’ville’s weekly The Hook. Turns out that he had a fascination with a certain 10-yr-old local girl, sent her presents, drove by her house, and expressed his feelings for her to his shrink, but in the end, a federal judge said those actions were not enough to amount to a crime. His now-ex-wife took no prisoners in the divorce. (Now, though, he’ll stand trial for all the other child porn he had.)

Civilization in Decline
Zero Tolerance Is Only for the Students (cont’d): President Glenn Poshard of Southern Illiniois Univ. will keep his job and merely has to make some corrections in his dissertation, which was found to have three dozen "citation problems" that could or could not amount to plagiarism (depending on whose definition is used) . . . . . Three aldermen in Dover, N.J., got a wild hair on homeland security and have begun exhaustively studying the city’s vulnerability to terrorists’ poisoning all the gumballs in town (with a report due January 1!) . . . . . Residents of an Orlando neighborhood seem to believe that there are still-live bombs, from a World War II munitions farm, buried under about 50 of their homes.

The Human Condition Today
Brazilian sculptor Doris Salcedo gave it her best effort for a piece on "racial divisions," and it’s perched on a platfor—uh, no, it’s perched on a stage—uh, no, actually, it’s a crevasse 548 feet long occupying a whole floor in the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern in London (Bonus: 3 visitors have fallen in so far while taking it in) . . . . . A Greenpeace official in Australia said our meat-eating society should be raising kangaroos instead of cows, in that, since ‘roos fart less, global warming could be slowed . . . . . 60 Minutes will report on Sunday that 1993 World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef has become a Christian (shaved, eats pork, doesn’t do Muslim prayer), but, jeez, trying to take down the WTC surely banked him some goodwill with Allah (even though Allah couldn't have been too happy with the gang's capture, especially since it came in part because one of them tried to get his deposit back on the bomb-carrying rental van).

Your Daily Loser
F Stater Christina Adams (not a bad-looking mom) was arrested for dangling her 5-yr-old out the window of a speeding SUV. AWI.

At a Pennsylvania Wal-Mart, and following some bantering back and forth, a Pepsi route man cold-cocked a Coke route man . . . . . A man in a St. Louis suburb is suing Walgreen’s because he has kidney stones, er, because Walgreen’s filled his liquid Oxycodone Rx (with generous spoonfuls called for) with an industrial-strength laxative (which seriously dehydrated him).

Actually, the guy who ran naked (for our sins) through downtown Miami [NOTW Daily, 10-10-2007] wasn’t an out-of-stater, as I wrote. He’s home-grown. Ouch.

Professor Music’s Weird Links
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NOTW, The Blog
Yr Editor linked to Nat’l Enquirer’s John Edwards scandal story on Thursday [NOTW Daily, 10-10-2007, The Blog], and Edwards has denied that report, but it’s a weaselly denial. (Yr Editor wrote extensively on how and why to weaselly deny, during the Clinton escapades, and maybe I’ll try to find those brilliant lectures.) Reporter Sam Stein at Huffington Post was the first to suspect that something fishy was going on between Edwards and a hot number who renamed herself Rielle Hunter and who ran a video production company under contract to the Edwards campaign. Reason: A short while back, abruptly, all the company’s work quickly disappeared from Edwards’s wesbite, with little plausible explanation. blogger Mickey Kaus has tied Stein’s and Nat’l Enquirer’s work together [entries of Oct. 12, 11, 10], plus Kaus is a Shepherdist on weaselly denials. Now, apparently, Ms. Hunter has issued a denial [via blogger Jerome Armstrong, via Kaus] more nearly complete than Edwards’s, though Yr Editor’s Weaselity Theory only applies to high office-holders who have been around for a while and not to (apparently) former party gals who change their names. A Ladies Home Journal poll this week, by the way, said the Edwardses seem to have the happiest marriage of all the presidential candidates. [Statement for the record: Yr Editor is politically and professionally indifferent to John Edwards for President, but watching public figures squirm when they’re (probably) guilty is my artistic duty. OK, OK, and my passion.]

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