Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Civilization in Decline
Again! Scotland’s mighty loose on who they label a "sex offender"; there was that bicycle-humper [NOTW Daily, 10-31-2007], and now, a guy who humped the pavement (but at least the pavement was in public view) . . . . . The federal budget must be in fine shape ‘cause the latest House appropriations bill on defense spending (whose pet-project "earmarks" were supposedly cut in half) contains 580 contracts for items that the Pentagon never requested (but which lobbyists surely did) . . . . . Leading Economic Indicator of progress in Iraq: Some liquor stores are re-opening in Baghdad . . . . . The penalty in Melbourne for forcing a girl into oral sex, setting her hair on fire, spitting and peeing on her, and making a video of the whole thing (called "[C-word] the Movie"): Probation!

The Human Condition Today
He got dat ol’ Guinness Book Fever: Texan Jackie Bibby, who holds the record of sitting in a tub for 45 minutes with 75 rattlesnakes, put some distance in the record Monday (in case any smartasses are thinking about challenging The Man), with an 87-rattler session (with photo).

Your Daily Loser
Paul Keith, 75, Framingham, Mass., rear-ended a car at a traffic light, but despite his age, he apparently had that gas pedal/brake pedal thing all worked out perfectly. The problem, he defiantly told the cop, was that the light had turned green, and the guy in front didn’t go. "He didn’t move, so I drove into the back of him." "When the light turns green, you’re supposed to go, and I did."

No Longer Weird: the squirrel raiding the electrical substation and plunging the area into darkness, as happened last Friday in Auburn, Calif . . . . . Be on the lookout in the St. Louis area for a burglar (via one of the least useful composite sketches in Missouri police history).

Good Enough for Gov’t Work
GAO, grading the Customs and Border Protection agency on how well they made sure that, at the legal checkpoints, at least, only the people proper and legal got in, said the agency came within, well, 21,000 people of getting it right last year.

Professor Music’s Weird Links
Paranoi—er, Paranormal Marketplace! A ghostbusters, etc., investigation supply store online, selling, e.g., the MultiFunction Environmental Meter: "Part of a small investigation team? No team at all? On a budget? This is for you! Digital thermometer, Hygrometer, Anamometer and Light Meter all in one unit!" $149. And more, more, more!

Newsrangers: Karl Olson, Bob Pert
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