Saturday, November 03, 2007

Civilization in Decline
Two NYC law firms announced that 2nd-yr peons will earn this yr (with bonuses) $225k (Chief Justice John Roberts, er, $215k) . . . . . Ireland’s Road Safety Authority is proposing to lower the blood-alcohol legal threshold from 0.08 to 0.05, but Catholic priests object, seein’ as how they have to drive around to all those wine-sipping Masses during the Christmas season . . . . . But people are after cops in Washington, D.C., and Corvallis, Ore., for wholesale arrests of "suspected" DUI’s, even when they blow way below the legal threshold—or even 0.00 [Ed.: Oops, just had that D.C. cite around here somewhere!].

The Human Condition Today
A complicated twins’ birth, a medical Sophie’s Choice goes wrong, both kids live, and, woo-wee, when that kid learns to read and finds out about it! . . . . . An alleged car thief, confronted by police, reached for his waistband, and a cop naturally fired at him (but missed) (Bonus: Actually, the thief was reaching for a dildo) (Extra Bonus: A guy actually had a dildo tethered to his waistband) . . . . . Another one of those unexplained medical cases in which someone recovering from serious head trauma mysteriously comes down with 24/7 sex-on-the-brain . . . . . A patient of Syracuse, N.Y., dentist George Trusty has sued over a 2004 incident in which he was multitasking (drilling in her mouth while dancing to "Car Wash" on the radio), causing a drill bit to snap off and stick near her eye . . . . . Too Much Information: Newsweek profiles a guy named Ramesh, who’s a professional sewer unclogger in Delhi, India (definitely too much information).

People Whose Sex Lives Are Worse Than Yours
Among the latest batch of toe-tappers (from a Daytona Beach sting) was former city commissioner Mike Shallow (Bonus: The arresting cop said Shallow was the only one of the perps to actually bend down under the partition to stick his head into the next stall) (And, while we’re on the subject, Senate Republican leaders have relented and allowed Mr. Toe-Tapper, himself, Sen. Larry Craig’s "earmarks," aka pork-barrel spending projects, to go through, including $1m for police to improve information-sharing about criminals, though it was for the Idaho State Police, not the Minneapolis police, so it wouldn’t have helped publicize Craig’s initial men's room arrest, which mysteriously no one knew about for a month) ['s The Has Been blog, Nov. 2, 2007]

Two good photo-ops: another one of those knife-into-the-brain x-rays (from Iraq) and the 61-yr-old driver who managed to precisely locate an 8-ft hole in the middle of a downtown street . . . . . 8-yr-old twins from Ohio have invented "wedgie-proof" (tearaway) underwear.

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