Saturday, November 17, 2007

[NOTE: Well, here we are 23 hours later, and Bright House Networks' high-speed Internet connection is still down in the Tampa Bay area. Y'know, if News of the Weird Daily were a money-generating venture (instead of a pathetic expression of OCD), Yr Editor'd have a DSL backup connection. But all I have now is dial-up. As should be obvious, NOTW Daily cannot possibly be done by one person using dial-up. Furthermore, when broadband comes back up, I'll be at least 24 hours behind hunting out the news, and reading e-mails (because ordinary newspapers, that you hold in your hands, are next to useless). So, not only was there no post on Friday, Nov. 16, or Saturday, Nov. 17, but there likely will not be a full, regular post on Monday, Nov. 19, either (although I will put something up). Please keep those news tips coming, though, as it is somewhat easier to read them, even when I have to click on links, than it is to load full newspaper sites to see what they've published.]