Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday’s 5-Star Special
In a sublime statutory quirk, Californian Jesse Rodriguez has actually been given a free murder: He was 14 when he pulled the trigger, was not fingered until recently (actually, he outed himself), and he’s 33 now, and state law says juvenile offenders can’t be held past their 25th birthday. Jesse is back in town to testify against the adult who arranged the killing (over car parts).

Civilization in Decline
If the patients had a brain in their head, they’d have avoided Rhode Island Hospital for their surgery (3 wrong-side-of-the-brain surgeries in 9 months) . . . . . Is there any more dismal pastime than sitting around all day watching the Weather Channel? (well, yes, sitting around all day listening to a CD of theme music from the Weather Channel) . . . . . British schoolteacher Gillian Gibbons was arrested in Khartoum because she (teaching little kids in the city’s plushest private school) OK’d the class choice of name for the group teddy bear (Mohammad) . . . . . Before a crowd of 150,000 at a sports stadium, North Korean officials executed a guy whose offense was setting up an outside telephone line (Bonus: Six times that many people were trampled to death in the stadium frenzy).

The Human Condition Today
The caretaker of Leona Helmsley’s wealthy dog Trouble said the mutt has already received "20 to 30" death threats . . . . . Mr. Lugene Shepard, 52, was arrested for DWI, which theoretically ought to be hard for him to do since his license has been suspended or revoked 40 times (Bonus: Shepard’s gal pal said he’s an "excellent" driver and that she feels "100 percent safe" riding with him while he’s been drinking).

Fine Points of Religion: A widescreen plasma TV was stolen in a break-in of a Champaign, Ill., store called Simply Amish . . . . . India announced it was sending combat-ready troops to help with peacekeeping forces in Darfur, and by "combat-ready troops," I mean 60 camels trained not to get spooked by gunfire.

San Francisco’s KPIX-TV has a nice little reminder of one of the venerable pioneering weird-news stories: Gloria Sykes’s lawsuit against San Francisco for the 1964 cable car accident that turned her into a nymphomaniac. (She had previously been prim but suddenly started having sex with up to 50 men a week, though at trial, reports of her childhood sexual abuse surfaced.) A reporter tracked her to "an assisted living facility in the Midwest," where she, now age 66, threw him down on the bed and ravish—no, no, just kidding. She didn’t say much at all.

Professor Music’s Weird Links
"Harold" lives on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and apparently has dedicated his life 24/7 to the pleasures of wearable leather (and heavy rubber), for the home ("Leather Oaks") and the person. It’s a rare combination of complete obsession and plenty of time. NSFW: There’s no frontal nudity, but there are a lot of things that would be hard to explain to your boss if you’re in your office now.

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