Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday’s 5-Star Special
Every year, like clockwork: We’re embarking in typical state deer-hunting season now, and Howie Carr of the Boston Herald has his rundown of attacks by the haunting spirits of deer ancestors, mostly tree-stand accidents (falls and accidental hangings from the stands, rifle-droppings that cause the weapon to fire back atcha, and ordinary mistaken-ID gunshots). Woooooooo!

Civilization in Decline
It’s good to be a British prisoner (which is the title of a continuing series in NOTW), but it’s also good to be a British newt: A developer found EU-protected "great crested newts" on the site and so spent the equivalent of nearly $300k on a special habitat for 'em, but now it appears there were only two . . . . . A Texas company’s plan to upgrade the nutrition of poor Mexican urchins in Chiapas state: free coffee! (Fortified, but still . . ..)

The Human Condition Today
Alexander Smith, 31, was arrested in Aiken, S.C., after trying to open a bank account with a $1 million bill . . . . . It’s possible, according to this Delaware lawsuit, to get the plumbing pipes mixed up during surgery and have the ca-ca be number 1 and the pee-pee be number 2.

Your Daily Loser
F-Stater Brady Wright, 22, was arrested for trying to steal an ATM. Crooks have tried that before, e.g., yanking it away by truck, but the emphasis there was still on snatching it pretty quickly. Brady’s m.o.: Steal a backhoe from a construction site at daybreak last Friday, drive it (slowly) over to a Regions Bank, make a lot of noise, scoop the ATM up, make some more noise, drive it (slowly) away to wherever you planned to set the ATM down and crack it open.

Fine Points of the Law: This judge ordered a couple’s marijuana (aka contraband) returned after finding that the search warrant was invalid (Simple explanation: It was "medicinal" marijuana) (More complex explanation: Maybe not).

Two 5-star NOTW stories wrapped up this week: Thomas Hale ("Papa Pilgrim"), the live-off-the-land Alaskan who ruled his 17 kids with an iron, Biblical hand [and reported somewhere by Yr Editor, but I can’t find it now], got 14 yrs in prison (and was incredulous that his loving family would all testify against him). And the jealous NY man, involved in an Internet affair (he and the woman were, unknown to the other, pretending to be other people) was sentenced to 20 yrs in prison for murdering a man who had also struck up an online relationship with the fictitious woman but who was, himself, not pretending to be anyone else [NOTW 992, 2-11-2007]

Professor Music’s Weird Links
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NOTW, The Blog
Yr Editor heard (via e-mail) from Aaron Fraser, subject of this 2006 story [NOTW 964, 7-30-2006]:

A federal appeals court in June [2006] affirmed the conviction of Aaron Fraser (aka Asante Kahari) for defrauding a Michigan woman he had met in an Internet chat room and had eventually taken for $38,000 in a counterfeit check scam. (Kahari had sent the woman bogus checks for deposit into her account, and then met her to collect the cash, and was gone by the time the bank realized the checks were counterfeit.) Kahari had denied the charges, but the prosecutor introduced portions of a book, The Birth of a Criminal, by Asante Kahari, which
describes in precise detail the very scheme Kahari was accused of pulling on the Michigan woman. "I would get online," he wrote, "meet a broad and be mailing her the [computer-generated counterfeit] check the next day." [U.S. v. Aaron Fraser (U.S. Court of Appeals, 6th Cir., decided 6-1-06)]

Mr. Fraser says he didn’t do none of that and that Yr Editor’s goin’ down [gist, summarized for my busy readers: "[y]ou idiot" and "I will do everything in my power to sue you. [sic] even if its' [sic] just to make you spend thousands of dollars on an attorney"]. Well, we wouldn't want that.

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