Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday’s 5-Star–No . . 4-Star . . No, Make That 3-Star . . Yeah, That’s It, 3-Star Special
Two more things that you didn’t realize were bad-bad-bad for the environment: (1) divorce and (2) bagpipes [I know, but worse than that].

Civilization in Decline
Australian study finds that there are two kinds of airplane pilots: those who have already experienced spatial illusions that seriously risk the lives of all their passengers, and those who will experience them, eventually.

The Human Condition Today
Oft-suspended, disruptive, violent, fire-threatening student, 14, sues the school system because he just realized that he keeps getting promoted even though he’s never learned anything (Bonus: artful photo of a punk trying to look innocent) . . . . . It was a bad-enough decision for the 14-yr-old girl to have sex repeatedly with a 39-yr-old man she met on MySpace, but, worse, it was this 39-yr-old man . . . . . An art-school lecturer introduced, on Britain’s Saatchi online gallery, a gifted impressionist who has "dedicated his whole life to art," with several works from the artist’s splotch era (and neglected to say that the artist is her 2-yr-old son and that he sometimes works in the medium of ketchup).

Recurring: Another person (boy, age 5) survived a sharp object jammed into his brain (here, a deer antler, and he pulled it out right away, but he needed doctors because dirt bacteria caused an abscess) [Yeah, there’s an x-ray, well, an artist's conception of an x-ray] . . . . . Luckiest thing this crime vic ever did was get married.

Things That Seem Wrong
For nearly half the states, when they collect back child support from a scuzzball parent, and the kid’s on welfare, the gov’t keeps the money . . . . . The Army, after 63 yrs, finally realized in October that it denied Sam Snow, now 83, his rights in a World War II court martial and has now given him the one month backpay it docked him when he was found guilty: $725 (which, adjusted for inflation, is $7.7k, and, routinely invested, $80k, but the Army says it only owes $725) . . . . . Homeless Paul Tucker, landing a job as a Salvation Army bell-ringer for $20/day, got simultaneously kicked out of the Good Samaritan Shelter in Barre, Vt., because bell-ringing doesn’t leave him enough time to fulfill the shelter's requirement that he go hunt for his own housing.

Professor Music’s Weird Links
Everything you need to know about proper bathroom behavior (well, except for that stuff about toe-tapping) is at the Int’l Center for Bathroom Etiquette.

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