Friday, April 18, 2008

Things To Worry About On Friday
The main thing that Yr Editor is worrying about is whether he can get back to a normal work day while swapping out computers; you’ll know by Monday

Creme de la Weird
In Baghdad, where “traffic law enforcement” should be devoted to stopping car bombs and preventing street-corner kidnaping, the police are starting to enforce, er, seat-belt laws. (Seriously)

Civilization in Decline
Researchers in Mexico City found that Mexicans paid $2.5B in bribes last yr, at a rate of nearly 2 for every living person, but also that bribery is not that big a deal, though the gov’t’s trying to convince people to report it (Bonus: One of the top bribery categories is, ya have to bribe gov’t workers to take your crime reports) . . . . . The feds swooped down on the Boston Fire Dept. this week, investigating corruption in the filing of disability claims; worst case: 102 people filed for career-ending disabilities precisely while they had temp jobs filling in for absent workers in higher pay grades, i.e., their lifetime disability pay would be at the higher grade . . . . . Now, an 8th-grader doing a science-fair project has proven that “Chinese water torture” (drip-drip-drip) works, even in a play-like setting, in that it jacks up the body’s fear mechanisms.

The Human Condition Today
Aliza Shvarts advanced our understanding of “performance art” yesterday by punking almost the entire MSM and blog communities with a claim in Yale Daily News that she inseminated herself repeatedly, then induced abortions, so she’d have some sheets of artwork for all of us to stand around contemplating, but then, hours later, she admitted, Naah, she only pretended to have done that, i.e., it was performance art! [Upcoming in NOTW M055, 4-27-2008, the performance art of Matthew Feeney [CORRECTION: Keeney], one of whose pieces is that he stands on the street and waits for someone to come ask him WTF he’s doing, whereupon he’ll say he’s doing performance art] . . . . . Age 18 is much too young to be calling yourself “the master thief” around Madison, Wis., unless you can deliver, and Garrett Haselton obviously can’t (although his pre-crime research instincts are good) (Nerd!).

Your Daily Loser
Brad the Bus Driver, in Seattle on Wednesday, chauffeuring a charter that was 11 ft, 8 inches high, underneath an overpass that’s 9 ft, 0 inches high [with photos]

Your Daily Jury Duty
[no fair examining the evidence; verdict based on mugshot only]
Daniel Ramirez, 54, who might have accidentally left nine baggies of meth (and his driver’s license) on a counter at Wal-Mart when buying something

Wrong place, wrong time: Richard Szymanski, using the john in his son’s house, was slammed against a shower wall when the toilet exploded.

Professor Music’s Weird Links
Five links to journal articles about the consequences when teeth meet men’s genitalia

Newsrangers: Eric Gibbs, Emory Kimbrough, Peter Steele, Jan Wolitzky
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