Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Things To Worry About On Tuesday
The main thing to worry about, if you’re writing the Pro Edition of News of the Weird, is what to do the day after a slow weird-news day? Oh, yeah, there was the usual run of stupid people, like the home invader who got beaten up by a blind guy, and the girl who was carrying on a phone conversation while crossing the railroad tracks at 11:44 a.m. (just when the 11:44 went by), and so forth. But all that tickled Yr Editor’s fancy were: the VA official caught stone-cold lying to CBS News about veterans’ suicide attempts; the Brazilian priest trying to raise money for his church by floating up in helium-filled balloons and who may be by now in a Better Place; the German who thinks it’d be high art to exhibit somebody dying in his gallery; the poorly-reported report of the doper caught “pumping gas” into an “imaginary” car; and the update on the lawsuit against the hospital [NOTW M048, 3-9-2008] for administering the unwanted, uncalled-for rectal exam (verdict for defendants). I’m pretty sure yesterday was just a statistical blip, and I’m back in the trenches today. [NOTW Daily ombudsman Buddy: I agree that it's probably a blip, Chuck; I don't buy those rumors that the reason you can't find weird news is because you're all washed up; no way.]

Newsrangers: Elijah Christman, Aaron Geiger, Scott Loflin, Caroline Lawler
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