Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Things To Worry About On Tuesday
The artistic merit of lice-infestation / Florida’s randiest school teacher / The wisdom of shooting at bees / Traveling light to a resort vacation (very, very light) / And more!

Creme de la Weird
Painter Liu Xiaodong is apparently a big deal in China, and his series Three Gorges has raked in the big bucks, with the latest going for the equivalent of $8.1 million; it’s on regular canvas (not velvet), but it’s just several guys sitting around in their underwear playing cards.

Civilization in Decline
“Art is no longer just a painting on the wall,” said the curator of a museum in Tel Aviv. Well, duh, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be seven German artists with lice in their hair camping for three weeks in an Israeli museum, provoking such deep thoughts as the extent of the relationships between host and parasite. (No, before you think it, they said they weren’t specifically evoking the Holocaust.) “The group acknowledged that living with lice was uncomfortable,” wrote Reuters, “but said it was worth it for the sake of art.”

The Human Condition Today
The Japanese must love candor because a 44-yr-old woman, who beat her sister to death with a rock, explained, “I figured I’d be happier if I killed her, so I killed her” . . . . . We, too, would like to know the deal with Prof. Kent Gramm and his wife (Since he works at super-Christian Wheaton College, he loses his job if he doesn’t reveal exactly why they’re getting divorced, and he so far won’t do it) . . . . . The batting Wielechowskis celebrated their wedding night with a hotel hall brawl that ended with an HBK-type superkick to the missus, but when another couple came to rescue her, the Wielechowskis suddenly became a tag-team and worked over the Samaritans . . . . . An Australian state premier-in-waiting, Troy Buswell, is fighting off career-derailment after it came out that he once approached the chair just vacated by a female staff member . . and sniffed it.

Your Daily Loser
Is being chased by bees something you can take care of with a gun? Bee casualties unknown, but David Walls, 57, did manage to wing himself.

Your Daily Jury Duty
[no fair examining the evidence; verdict based on mugshot only]
Preston Clardy, 59, might be innocent of selling dope (alternative choice: he’s straight from central casting)

Police in one of those free-enterprise zones in China found a factory making Tibet flags, but the no-longer-bright-futured manager said, Oh, gee, he had no idea that that colorful cloth represented Tibet . . . . . . In even liberal, sunny Ojai, Calif., the lithe Jennifer Moss, 32, is getting on people's nerves because she’s a social activist who makes her statements around town wearing just pasties and a g-string (Said one admirer, “She’s got a great body, but she’s crazy as a loon”) . . . . . The NY Times travel section says a growing segment of our “clothing optional” market is way-upscale, fond of resort vacations (but that they’re mostly couples-only, no “families”; “Mom,” said one guy after his mother suggested a family holiday, “I don’t want to see you naked”)

The F State
Stephanie Ragusa is a young Tampa-area middle-school teacher whose apparent hormone level makes Debra LaFave look like a corpse . . . . . Latarian Milton, 7, is a problem-in-training, judging from this video interview (“It’s fun to do bad things,” which to this point only means [a] way too many french fries and [b] stealing his grandmother’s car).

A couple of better action shots from one of those Crying Sumo matches mentioned here recently (where big lugs hold little babies in front of them, with first crier [first baby, not first sumo] wins, with loudness the tiebreaker . . . . . In honor of making NOTW Daily’s Jury Duty yesterday, Mr. Gil Duff was arrested again yesterday morning, same portajohn, same posture.

Professor Music’s Weird Links
Not today. Maybe tomorrow.™

NOTW, The Blog
Erroror: Yr Editor fell asleep at the wheel yesterday and informed you of 10-month-old Bubba’s gun license, which was indeed big news when it happened, er, about a year ago, and thanks to Zach Anderson for doing a better job on it than I [and better than NOTW Daily ombudsman Buddy, too; where was Buddy?] [Buddy: “What? I have to follow you around all day? Gimme a break”] . . . . . Stories Yr Editor Hates: (1) “Was Woman Raped on Telephone?” ran on the UPI wire Sunday, from Tunisia, citing al Arabiya (Dubai’s fairly secular TV channel) and informing us that the victim of unwanted phone sex had maybe been persuaded to, y’know, make herself bleed and become therefore a non-virgin, and boy, is this sensational, but we haven’t the slightest idea whether the journalism would hold up. (2) The journalism is clearly fine on Austria’s Evil-That-Men-Do Josef Fritzl, who’s all over the world today, with pictures, of how he managed to keep his daughter prisoner in the basement for 24 yrs and father 7 kids with her. Unfortunately, not enough space will be devoted to the very bizarre Mrs. Josef Fritzl, who so far has claimed that she had not the slightest idea that any of that was going on.

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