Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday’s Creme de la Weird

Update: Colorado UFO activist promises video of an actual ET today
“It shows an extraterrestrial’s head popping up outside of a window at night, looking in the window, that’s visible through an infrared camera.” The authenticity of the video, he says, has been vouched for by an “instructor” at the Colorado Film School in Denver. (This activist is the guy noted in NOTW Daily, 5-3-2008, who’s mighty worried that Coloradoans have no disaster plan for alien landings.) Rocky Mountain News

Peru guards its guano as demand soars again [NY Times hed]
Twenty islands off the coast are environmentally-ideal toilets for seabirds, with guano a foot high in places (though in the 19th century, it was 150 feet high), and with world prices up for organic fertilizer, a gold rush is on (well, $500 a ton, but Peru seems to be excited about that). New York Times

Skirmishes break out in India as lower-class Gujjars complain that they’re overrated
Ashamed of its caste system, India has set up super-affirmative action, and the Gujjars have taken to the streets in several cities to demand that they be downgraded to a level with even better benefits. Reuters

Civilization in Decline

F State renews the driver’s license of Lillian Cox, 101
She’s been driving since, er, 1915. WKMG-TV (Orlando)

U.S. war dead now includes 12 soldiers electrocuted, some long after Pentagon was warned of the problem
Once again, Kellogg Brown Root is involved, in shoddy electrical grounding by its subcontractors, but it pointed out that its contract doesn’t cover “repair” and that it long ago reported the problem to the Pentagon, which dropped the ball. CNN

The Human Condition Today

Girlfriend from hell, on trial in New Hampshire
He stayed with her for 6 yrs even though she constantly beat him up, sometimes publicly, so maybe, y’know, the sex was great, and at least she didn’t kill him like she’s charged with doing to 2 other guys. Boston Globe

Fists and hair-pulling . . . at the small-town Maine historical society meeting
Bangor Daily News

School teacher said she had no idea her honor-student son was doing that to her two dogs
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Your Daily Loser
Randall Popkes, 41, and his son Joshua Williams, 22, were charged with burglary at a country club, even though they made off only with shoes and tennis rackets. They had spent most of their time trying, without success, to saw open the safe. They left this note behind: “[expletive deleted] you and your safe.” Des Moines Register

Your Daily Jury Duty
[no fair examining the evidence; verdict based on mugshot only]
Dwight Pannell, 43, was charged with a few counts of something or other after a student at a Univ. of Cincinnati library said Pannell had spritzed a liquid on her foot while he was crouched under a table and then photographed it. [Yr Editor guesses it was a bodily fluid, but they don’t know yet] Cincinnati Enquirer

Researchers found a tiny waterborne organism that hasn’t had sex in 40m yrs but survives by stealing DNA from, well, anything that moves . . . . . Recurring Theme: The only clever criminals are indeed drug smugglers, as in this finely-detailed statue of Jesus molded out of cocaine paste (but ya can’t fool those dogs) . . . . . Cause or effect? A man who lives across the street from a high school was caught on the grounds with a Taser, having earlier threatened students on his MySpace page, and, by the way, he was wearing a dress and said he needed help with “gender issues.”

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