Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday’s Creme de la Weird

He’s schizophrenic and on methadone maintenance, but state and feds say there was no legal basis to deny him his gun permit
Federal and Washington denial laws kick in only on hospitalization or a judge’s order; he’s being held in a Seattle shooting. Post-Intelligencer

British couple’s authentic Hindu temple set up in their spare bedroom in 1979 passes 50,000 worshipers
It’s a quiet neighborhood in Essex, except for the 100 pilgrims a day lining up in the yard, into the hallway, and up the stairs (with photos). Daily Mail (London)

Britain’s rape-conviction rate less than half that of the U.S.; both judges and police are blamed for not taking charges seriously
Apparently the “drunk / hoochie-dressed woman” defense works pretty well for men--about six times better than it used to work in the 1970s. Washington Post

The Human Condition Today

An apartment break-in, from the balcony, by a naked man . . . on the 10th floor
Police, stumped, send him for a mental checkup, but readers think he’s a boyfriend from another apartment who needed a getaway when the husband came home. Ann Arbor News

Stripper sues club after her DUI injury, claiming they made her drink with customers
You mean Yr Editor buys the “hostesses” real booze? I thought it was just ginger ale at whiskey prices. Birmingham News

Smartest kid in school is too smart to be valedictorian, so the runner-up gets the top-gun scholarship
Anjali Datta finished number one at Grapevine (Tex.) High School, with a nearly-5%-higher GPA than number-two’s, but she completed all the courses in 3 yrs, and the scholarship award stipulates “four years of high school.” Dallas Morning News

The Simian Condition Today: Not only can you and I learn how to control a robot arm just by thinking about it, but so can a monkey
Previous studies showed that monkeys could move a robot arm with their thoughts, but in this one, the monkeys taught themselves how to use it. New York Times

Update: A Washington Post dispatch yesterday reported that the chemical-ingestion way of taking The Only Way Out in Japan (in which fumes sickened 54 people in the hospital when the dying man vomited [NOTW Daily, 5-23-2008]) is the current trendy method of early departure, numbering nearly 300 in the last year. But ultimately, said the Post, Japan is a polite society, and in April, a chemical suicider had taped this note to his closed car’s windshield: “Don’t come near – poisonous gas.” (Bonus: A Taiwanese man this week, distraught over his girlfriend’s death, tried to check out by climbing into the morgue freezer to join her, but was pulled out, barely in time.) Washington Post / Reuters

And Also:

An Austin, Tex., fire lieutenant gets canned because he ordered the truck on call to wait two minutes until his order was done at the Burger House next door . . . . . Among the 170,000 items of found property turned in at the London subway office in the last yr were a stuffed puffer fish, two human skulls, several plastic limbs, and a pair of breast implants . . . . . Luckiest man alive: A motorist in Australia’s outback stopped to answer nature’s call, squatted, and got nipped by an ultra-venomous Brown Snake (but, as occasionally happens, it fired a blank).

Professor Music’s Weird Links
Yr Editor’s been watching this site for a while, wary of the sorta on-vacation note on the home page, which says they’ll be back May 26th. The sign’s still there, but the page is mouth-watering: a richly-textured chocolate, er, sphincter. The graphics are safe for work, but maybe not the name:

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