Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday’s Creme de la Weird
Turns out Gregory Pillow, who’s been running around Nashville since 1995, off and on,.giving fire-safety talks as a member of the local fire department, isn’t and never was. But all reports are that he does a fine job. Said a Nashville Fire spokeswoman, "[I]t’s a little odd." Same with the 36-year-old "Drug Enforcement Administration agent," "on loan" to the police in the town of Gerald, near St. Louis, helping kick down doors in raids for several months and being really savvy about everything. Said the disappointed mayor, "He was everything you’d think a federal [officer] would be."

Triumph International, the worldwide women’s undies maker, likes fun almost as much as money, and it captured the Weird Press this week with a solar-powered bra (yeah, yeah, you have to wear part of it showing, of course, which is a bug), but in theory it will generate enough juice to run your iPod or cell phone. And here’s a golden-oldie collection of Triumph’s most ridiculous bras.

John Tyler Hammons, 19, is proud to be an Okie from Muskogee (the title of Merle Haggard’s 1969 anti-antiwar, anti-hippie song), especially proud now that he’s been elected mayor of the city. (Bonus: His big issue was restoring trust in gov’t [Ed.: What, can’t trust anyone over 20?]) (Double Bonus: Mayoring a city of 70,000 is apparently an extra-curricular activity, as His Honor still expects to keep up with his classes in Norman, about 130 miles away).

Coaches Out of Control: Coach Poppy Vincent, 74, Bracken Christian School (Bulverde, Tex.) , was fired after his arrest in a San Antonio park, holding a Bible while flashing passersby with his floral panties and bra. Coach Sanford Kaplan, 57, Lincoln (Neb.) Northeast High School’s soccer coach, was arrested on charges that he had taken "numerous" boys over the years and bound, gagged, and blindfolded them, and then dangled ‘em from the rafters of his garage and did some sexual stuff.

Ah, everybody knows ya got a right to counsel at trial, even if ya can’t afford it, but Minnesota judge James Florey zapped that right, for William Lehman, anyway, and this week an appeals court agreed. So in Minnesota you have a right to counsel at trial unless you beat the holy hell out of your lawyer, in open court in front of the judge, splattering blood all over the floor and the defense table. Do that, and you’re on your own.

People Whose Sex Lives Are Worse Than Yours
Much worse. Brit David Aston, 32, is on trial this week in Oxford Crown Court for messing around with a kid and having child porn, but what really brings him to attention is laying a towel down on the ground (to keep from sullying his trousers), pulling ‘em down, getting on all fours, and having teenage girls kick him in the nuts until he can’t take it anymore.

Your Daily Jury Duty
[no fair examining the evidence; verdict based on mugshot only]
Nathan Michael Grant, whom "Air Force One" had just dropped off on the runway at Dallas/Fort Worth Int’l

Professor Music’s Weird Links
Here, linked from Living the Scientific Life blog, are photos of the ancient Chinese practice of foot-binding women, except it’s not so ancient, still, in some places. [Warning: one shot, especially, is not safe for tender stomachs] The theory was that tiny feet were so-o-o beautiful, and the way to get those was to bind the feet of young girls so tightly that the bones would break and then reset themselves within the small, bound area (thus compressing the foot’s architecture). Yikes.

NOTW, The Blog
Thanks to the several people already who checked in on the "Comments" issue Yr Editor raised yesterday, especially those who warned that Blogger makes Comments a hassle. I am aware that I’ll have to move to a new platform for that, which involves a monthly fee, and I first have to decide whether the revenue will exceed the fee. But thank you for the comments on Comments, and please feel free to write; I read everything with my own two eyes.

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