Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday's Creme de la Weird

British tranny soldier with “hurt feelings” gets nearly the gov’t compensation that war-zone soldiers who lose both arms or legs get
Jan Hamilton (née Capt. Ian Hamilton) was ordered to report for a medical exam as a man, and she felt humiliated and demeaned, and the Ministry of Defence apologized and sent £250k.
Daily Telegraph (London)

Saudi sheikh/owner of Cairo Grand Hyatt orders all liquor poured out; it takes staff the entire day
BBC News

Human rights commission in India orders Hindu temple to let employees wear underwear
The temple in Kerala state takes in so much money, gold, and jewels that workers can only wear approved, pocketless sarongs. BBC News

Welsh town council orders historic pine tree chopped down because its needles are sharp
“Every” effort must be made, said one safety “expert,” to keep needles away from children. Daily Mail (London)

Australian state att’y gen’l says sorry ‘bout executing that innocent guy in 1921
(And Thursday night, Independent Film Channel will profile a retired Texas prison chaplain who oversaw 95 executions and is pretty sure at least one guy he knew was innocent.)
Australian Broadcasting Corp. /New York Times

Colorado casino shuttle bus service gets $382k in Homeland Security grants
Colorado Springs Gazette

Schizophrenic, daughter-murdering dad granted unsupervised day pass from mental hospital, doesn’t come back
(But he was rigorously evaluated and found deserving, officials say, or else we never would have let him go . . . honest!) CBC News

Brat Alert: (1) Leadfoot Nick Bollea (Hulk Hogan’s son), sentenced to do 8 months in county jail for the reckless accident that severely brain-damaged his best friend, complained to the Hulkster that his cell is “half the size of my bathroom [at home].” “I can’t deal with this for eight months.” He said his lawyer implied that if he pleaded no-contest, he’d get a minimum-security cell and could play cards. Said Hulk, “I’m proud of you, brother.” (2) Stefanie Woods is the 18-yr-old F-Stater who swiped the cookie money from a Girl Scout and then said on camera that she was “pissed” that she “got caught” [NOTW M047, 3-2-2008]. She was convicted last week of the theft charge and will be sentenced in June. Then, a couple of days later, she pleaded no-contest to skipping out on a $28 tab at a Denny’s. She said she was sorry, but “I still don’t think it gives [people] the right to be screaming things at me at Publix, at Starbucks, at Wal-Mart, at Target. People scream things at me every single day, and it’s getting really hard.” Tampa Tribune / WPEC-TV (West Palm Beach) (and there's a 17-slide show about her on PalmBeachPost.com)

The Human Condition Today

Minor-league pitcher John Odom was traded to another team for 10 baseball bats
It started as player-for-player, but the other guy wouldn’t go, so they settled on lumber.
Sports Illustrated-AP

There’s such a thing as a Fantasy Fishing tournament, “like fantasy football,” said Joe Collins, who was the winner of the Wal-Mart Open fantasy tournament, getting $100k. (Bonus: The actual fishing-fishing winner of the Wal-Mart Open won $200k.) KSLA-TV (Shreveport)-AP

Dead baby frozen solid in motel room freezer, but mom and dad still used the freezer for a year
Houston Chronicle

Your Daily Loser
Sharon Pratt, who her Murphy Motors (Williston, N.D.) employer said had just stolen $5k from him and left town, was picked up in Pittsburgh, Pa., after she gave “Murphy Motors” as a reference for a new job. Fargo Forum-AP

Not only did the dog fail the drug-sniff test that Japanese customs agents set up for him at Narita Int’l Airport, but the agent who planted the cannabis forgot which luggage he hid it in (and would appreciate your calling them if you find it). (Seriously) Agence France-Presse

Update: A Mexican theme-park-type adventure lets visitors experience simulated illegal U.S. border-crossing [NOTW 897, 4-13-2005], but this story is richer than the earlier one and concludes that the operators don’t quite encourage their paisanos to try it in real life].
Los Angeles Times

Update: U.S. Rep. Laura Richardson flatly denied the substance of the Capitol Weekly story (via Los Angeles Times) that she walked away from her mortgage [NOTW Daily, 5-23-2008] or that it’s in foreclosure. On the other hand, about the time she was deciding to say that, someone was buying the house at auction. The Daily Breeze (Torrance, Calif.) then wrote that it’s the third house purchase she's screwed up recently, though she did get current with one. She told a reporter she’s just been busy lately. Daily Breeze

Update: The police chief in Washington (District of Calamity), who said last week she was re-hiring 17 fired, guilty cops because of a due-process legal technicality [NOTW Daily, 5-21-2008], now says she will try to re-fire them, based on the fact that they’d always be lousy witnesses in court, in that they're all officially-declared liars. Washington Post

Professor Music’s Weird Links
Yr Editor informed you in February [NOTW M044, 2-10-2008] about China’s fascination with crickets, and especially cockfight-type cricket fights, which are video’d up on big screens for roomsful of spectators and bettors. So, well, here’s a website with lots of close-ups of bug fights, though it says these are from Japan.

NOTW, The Blog
(1) Some editor somewhere apparently made up another story about someone inserting an air hose into someone else’s rectum and sorta inflating him. This one supposedly happened in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, but . . .. (2) Here are some more links to that “sex with cars” thing from Friday [NOTW Daily, 5-23-2008]. This is the 415-member Yahoo Group (but you have to join to see the posts). Here’s a detailed FAQ page with energetic explanations of everything! This is a TV promotion for this past weekend’s program on the subject on Britain’s Channel Five. NOTW reader John Holsinger sent a tear sheet from a UK magazine with an interview of “Jordan Witham,” 20, of “Missouri, USA,” who’s really into his main car, a lady, but lately he’s two-timing her with a male car (a Trans-Am), not that there's anything wrong wi--wait, there is something wrong with that. Yr Editor knows that there are occasionally crazed drunks or pranksters who simulate sex by humping bicycles, etc., and here’s one from last week of a nude Californian undulating against a car’s windshield, but that’s not, y’know, real sex. All this rich writing looks straight out of a 1980s Penthouse Forum, and the interviews and photos are guys out for a hoot.

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