Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday’s Creme de la Weird
Buffy Studies: You can still make arrangements to attend the academic conference on Buffy the Vampire Slayer studies, in Arkadelphia, Ark., June 5-8. It’s not a fan convention; it’s one of those boring panels ‘n’ papers events, because only so much research around the show can be published in the field’s leading journal, Watcher Junior, edited by Prof. Lynne Edwards of Ursinus College. AP via Yahoo

It’s What’s Next: Pet Angel Memorial Center opened its third full-service pet funeral home (need a minister? procession? choice of caskets? body viewing?), near Weird Central. (And the veterinarians’ association recommended at a Congressional hearing last week that pet food list the calories right there on the package, even though calorie-listing for humans has coincided with increasing obesity.)

Yummmm: There’s an 11-state, E.coli beef recall in effect now, involving a Chicago company that packages “Boneless Clods,” “Gooseneck Rounds,” and “Knuckle,” among other things, which brings to mind this recent ForbesTraveler.com piece describing how fancy chefs are charging fancy prices for fancy dishes of out-of-the-way parts (lamb’s tongue, duck hearts, and the delicious rooster comb [simmered with red wine and porcini mushrooms until fork-tender, according to the head chef at NYC’s Casa Mono]). “I really enjoy cooking a pig’s head . . . then taking the liquid it was cooked in and turning it into gelatin . . . a beautiful terrine.” One chef’s website is OffalGood.com.

The Human Condition Today
Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear and his family vacationed in the F State last week, and we’re glad to have the revenue, but the week before that, he issued a formal proclamation telling Kentuckians to vacation in Kentucky this year . . . . . Another high-GPA student is no longer with us, having done a swan dive onto a moving car in Granite City, Ill., and falling off on his head . . . . . A mother was hospitalized in Wichita, Kan., after trying to demonstrate to her nearly-grown daughters that a person cannot get hurt stepping out of a car that was going only 10 mph . . . . . Karma Rules: Three men steal a canoe and head out, two come back (after it capsized) (“He’s not here no more,” said a friend).

Your Daily Loser
Paul Baldwin, 48, Portsmouth, N.H., 152 arrests, 75 citations, etc. (and he told Judge Gardner, “I don’t need a lawyer. I’ve been in this court more than you have”)

Your Daily Jury Duty
[no fair examining the evidence; verdict based on mugshot only]
Brendan Kelly, 32, and George Zaleski, 23, charged [remember now, “presumption of innocence”; how many times do I have to tell you?] with roughing up that police officer

Hard to picture this, or to be sure it’s real, but it’s gettin’ the press: a dual-combat video game for the urinal, for men with strong, accurate streams . . . . . An English major, rollin’ in money (well, she won $67k for a portfolio of essays and, yes, poems) . . . . . Chardon Township, Ohio, voted to turn down $10k in federal disaster money after a bad snowstorm; it was just a snowstorm, the town trustees said . . . . . A Washington Post reporter tracked pro wrestler Great Khali (63-inch chest) to his native India on vacation, found him revered as a celebrity god but, just like U.S. pro wrestlers, challenged as inauthentic, er, by traditional village mud wrestlers.

Professor Music’s Weird Links
Brilliant art made entirely from chewed-up bubble gum!

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