Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday’s Creme de la Weird

European Union stoogin’ up again: gotta toss out 5,000 kiwis because they’re 4g (1/4 oz.) too light
Apparently, it’s very important that Europeans be able to get exactly the same-looking produce every time they shop. (This is known as the “no straight bananas” rule.) Daily Mail (London)

Most prostitutes are street-wise, but then there’s Ms. Mercedes Green
It was an unmarked car, and the driver was wearing a suit, but his police radio was blaring away, and he had emergency lights on the dash, but she hopped right in. “You’re not the police, are you?” “What do you think,” he said. “I didn’t think so,” she screamed to be heard over the radio. “$100.” After the bust, “You wear glasses, and I didn’t think police could wear them.” Reno Gazette-Journal

Canada: where, if you heckle a stand-up comic, and he’s got a better comeback, you just go file a human-rights complaint against him
Oh, you Americans, Canadians say, and your obsession about that “free speech” thingy; what’s really important is, you can't hurt people’s feelings. National Post (Toronto)

The Human Condition Today
Drunk-driver not guilty in the death of the pedestrian—because the pedestrian was even drunker . . . . . Another F State female teacher in trouble for sex with a teen boy, but, um, she’s 60.

Your Daily Jury Duty
[no fair examining the evidence; verdict based on mugshot only]
They say Shawn Harmon raped a woman at knifepoint, possibly. WKRC-TV (Cincinnati)

Next week a smoking ban takes effect in Amsterdam coffee shops, but that’s only for tobacco; you can still light up inside if you’re just doing marijuana or hashish . . . . . Demolition derbies for the hardcore: farmers doing battle with their (two-story-high, 13-ton) combines . . . . . IBM and Mars Inc. announced a joint project of (for some people) humanitarian dimensions: mapping the cocoa tree genome to help assure a continuing supply of chocolate.

The New York Times catches us up on a country whose progressive, enlightened response to drug addictions puts the U.S. (mandatory-minimums for possession) to shame, and by “progressive” and “enlightened,” I can only be referring to, er, Iran [NOTW M059, 5-25-2008] . . . . . Dr. Jayant Patel, whose specialty apparently is “accidental mortality,” has finally agreed to be extradited to Australia to stand trial for maybe 17 patient-deaths in the two yrs he worked there (after being de-licensed in New York and Oregon) [NOTW Daily, 3-12-2008] (Favorite money quote from Patel, on hygiene: “Doctors’ hands don’t get dirty”).

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