Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thursday’s Creme de la Weird

An estate-disposition service for the en-Raptured heaven-bound
What will happen to your house and bank accounts? How can your sinner friends know what happened to you? Sign up ($40/yr); this company will detect when the Rapture has occurred and send out your farewell message to your e-mail list (up to 62 of your closest heathen pals and relatives) and your encrypted financial data to up to 12 of the un-chosen of your choice. It’s up to you; if you don’t prepare, Lord knows what'll happen to your stuff, what with the Antichrist's bureaucracy and all. Threat Level blog /

The menu at U.N. conference on world hunger this week in Rome
(e.g., lemon mousse with raspberry sauce, parmesan risotto, pasta with pumpkin, “pretty standard stuff,” said a UN spokesman) Washington Post

Lawsuit against Texas justice of the peace who ordered girl paddled in court
Hon. Gustavo Garza of Brownsville gave dad a 2x4 and said to smack the truant kid on the butt, in court, or he’d convict her. Associated Press via Yahoo

State senator arrested but then gave his name as that of another legislator
Massachusetts Sen. J. James Marzilli Jr. was arrested for trying to grope a woman on a park bench in Lowell but then told cops he was state Rep. Martin Walsh of Dorchester. (A few minutes later, though, he came clean and started to cry.) (Walsh: WTF?) Boston Globe

Your Daily Loser
Marya Green, 29, pulled over for DUI in a Cincinnati suburb, denied she was the one driving, having turned the wheel over to her underage son. (OK, we’ve seen that kinda thing before, several times, but Green’s son is, er, 1 yr old and was sitting in her lap in the driver’s seat at the time.) WLWT-TV (Cincinnati)

Swiss researchers found that stupid flies actually live longer than smart flies . . . . . “Child-Friendly Sex Shop to Open in NYC,” reports WCBS-TV (but I think they mean real-small children).

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