Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tuesday’s Creme de la Weird

Articulate autism-afflicted people join the civil-rights movement, insist autism is just a cool “atypical brain function”
Remember when “handicapped” and “crippled” went out of style? Two euphemisms that didn’t catch on were “handicapable” and “differently-abled.” Well, they’re back. If you don’t have autism, you’re just a “neurotypical,” and what society needs to encourage is “neurodiversity.” Most doctors say, uh, No. By celebrating the charming brain function of a few gifted autistics, society would under-assist the vast majority, who need deeply serious help. New York magazine

Fort Benning has the bright idea to house its war-addled Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder patients just down the street from its 24-hour infantry firing range
Washington Post

Hoax author “JT LeRoy” highly offended that her “JTLeRoy” stand-in is getting credit for the hoax
I mean, how low can you go? I’m the real deceiver, she said. I deserve the respect. New York Post

"Brad Pitt to Help Design Hotel in Dubai"

Your Daily Loser
The surveillance video of the Fifth Third Bank in Orlando seems to show that the robber is pointing the gun at himself. Said a detective, “[He] is holding it in a manner that [suggests] he’s probably not familiar with handguns and was afraid it was going to go off.”
WKMG-TV (Orlando)

Yesterday: baby oil to make show-off muscles glisten; today: er, Preparation H, to tighten love-handle skin . . . . . Lawyer Mike Roman had to be ejected from the gallery of the R.Kelly trial in Chicago because he kept bothering the defendant to please take his demo tape (for his group “Mike Roman and the Telstars”) . . . . . Apparently ya need lots of clothes to be a nude dancer because, in Annapolis, Md.: “Strippers Cancel Show After [Wardrobe] Van Stolen” . . . . . The Church of England’s Bishop of Stafford said people who don’t take global warming seriously are not much better human beings than that Austrian guy who imprisoned the teenager and kept her for 24 years . . . . . A woman in Utah was in her car when the battery died, and she didn’t know how to manually unlock the door; police arrived but had to call her on her cell phone to tell her where the lock was . . . . . And for your viewing pleasure, Here she is, Your ideal . . uh, most beautiful transvestite in Thailand, Ms./Mr. Kangsadarn Wongdusadeekul.

Professor Music’s Weird Links
A collection of x-rays (with descriptions) of unusual penetrating brain injuries (y’know, nail-gun nails, drill holes).

Newsrangers: Joe Littrell, Karl Olson
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