Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday’s Creme de la Weird

You’d think America’s about had enough of those no-money-down mortgages, but one enabler is still pushing them: the federal gov’t
The Federal Housing Administration still has a program to guarantee those loans, based on the seller’s laundering the down payment to the buyer through a nonprofit third party. Of course, if the buyer defaults, that’s FHA’s problem, not yours and mine! Wall Street Journal

Almost 20 percent of Christians say they pray in tongues
62% of Americans say at least some of their prayers have been answered. (Yr Editor’s doing something wrong.)
Washington Post

Scottish elementary schools ban “father’s day” so not to offend kids from “nontraditional” families
This isn’t the first such report from the UK. Yr Editor did one on a Welsh school banning mother’s day cards [NOTW Daily, 2-7-2008], but I seem to recall others, limited to individual schools. Daily Telegraph (London)

Update: The Gloucester Daily Times has fingered Time magazine as the one that first called that town’s high school mass pregnancies a “pact”
The real evidence so far is that several girls shared the same attitude about getting pregnant while in school, but it could just as well have been that they came to those decisions independently (or informally, following the leader). Gloucester Daily Times

Update: The “primitive, indigenous” tribe in Brazil that Yr Editor referred you to, with arrows pointed toward the photographer on the circling airplane, isn’t quite so primitive
The photographer exaggerated a bit, on behalf of a land-preservation campaign. The tribe may technically been been “noncontacted,” as the photographer told reporters, but it had been discovered previously, like, almost 100 yrs ago. The photographer knew exactly where to look to get a provocative photo. But they're still way-primitive. The Guardian (London) [Link via BoingBoing] // NOTW Daily, 6-2-2008

The Human Condition Today
Arrested in Tampa on coke-selling charges: Mr. God L. Howard (L is for Lucky) (Bonus: He stated that his occupation is “mortgage broker,” which is arguably more disreputable these days than “coke dealer”) . . . . . People Different From Us: Scott Sullivan, 35, was arrested in Van Buren, Ark., for allegedly kidnaping his mother and tying her up because he was angry that her dog killed his pet skunk.

Your Daily Loser
Briton James Milson, 21, was arrested four months ago for breaking into a car and swiping the navigation device; turns out it was a police bait car, and the hidden camera caught his face perfectly. Then, six weeks ago, he did it again. And it was another bait car, and another perfect photo. Last week, once more, another bait car, another perfect shot. Daily Telegraph (London)

People Whose Sex Lives Are Worse Than Yours
Jeffrey Barrier, 41, arrested for video peeping over the transom at a tanning booth, even though it looked for a while like the charges wouldn’t stick because cops couldn’t find a camera, but then they looked up his butt. Cincinnati Enquirer // TheSmokingGun.com

Your Daily Jury Duty
[no fair examining the evidence; verdict based on mugshot only]
John Arthur Grawey, 53, accused of onanic behavior in front of a kid. Cheboygan (Mich.) Daily Tribune

How to find out whether a city has a drug problem: give it a urinalysis (testing its raw sewage) (and learning, for example, that Las Vegas has 5x the per capita meth use as Omaha, and that London’s a heroin king and Los Angeles does coke) . . . . . An F State lawyer, fighting his Pensacola client’s federal obscenity charges, said he’ll try to use Pensacola computers’ Google search results to show that “community standards” are actually pretty raunchy . . . . . Uh-Oh! TV producers have created Faith Off, a quiz show on religious trivia featuring teams of Muslims, Jews, Christians, etc., battling each other, in good fun, of course, of course (on the Islam Channel, available in 30 countries). Of course. Good fun.

The great Mineola (Tex.) kiddie sex club trials continue down the road from Tyler, Tex., to bring justice to six adults who trained kids as young as 5 to stage sexual performances for about 100 grownups at a day care facility. Shauntel Mayo was convicted in May [NOTW Daily, 5-12-2008], as was Jamie Pittman (each after jury deliberations of five minutes or less). Still on the dock: four others, including, this week, Patrick “Booger Red” Kelly, 41. Tyler Morning Telegraph

Professor Music’s Weird Links
How the world’s 6 tiniest countries came to be

NOTW, The Blog
Yr Editor obsessively followed George Carlin’s career, even when he was just doing straight stand-up with short hair and narrow ties. Then, in 1990, he became the first really big shot to write me a fan letter, scrawling in his own pen that he loved News of the Weird in the weekly Los Angeles Reader. We even pen-palled a bit after that. Holy jeez, George Carlin wrote me a fan letter! George Carlin! [sigh] Damn.

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