Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tuesday’s Creme de la Weird

War-crippled Iraqis train for the Paralympics
Said one coach, “As a country that participated in many wars since 1980, we have many disabled people. Our Paralympic team is better than our Olympic team.” New York Times

Is moonlight the miracle cure?
London’s Independent sent a reporter to about an hour out of Tucson, Ariz., to the six-story-high Interstellar Light Collector, which magnifies lunar light and treatments of which, its advocates claim, have cured asthma, etc., and provided casino jackpots. (“Etc.” includes one woman’s husband’s hemorrhoids) The ILC’s most visible creation so far, it appears, is the on-site accessories store, selling pre-treated jewelry and crystals. The Independent (London)

Why the Brits are setting terrorists free
A Daily Mail columnist, writing in the Wall Street Journal today, explains that, if the gov’t thinks it can only prove relatively minor charges against known immigrant terrorists, it would rather just deport them, but it can’t do that because almost all are from countries that might possibly torture them when they land, and British judges in effect grant them humanitarian asylum. (Bonus: The terrorists’ families are thus entitled to welfare benefits!) (Double Bonus: All the international terrorist organizations know Britain does this!) Wall Street Journal

Update: Artist-extraordinaire Martin Creed is back at the Tate Britain
He made NOTW and lots of other places with his 2001 Turner Prize for, well, an empty room with a light bulb going on and off (and on and off, and on and off, until they finally kicked him out). Creed’s back, and this time, every 30 seconds, a runner will sprint through one of the galleries (Work No. 850). Tate Britain’s director, obviously using Artist Keyboard Macros, described the work as “compelling,” “it upsets,” “art space,” and “preconceived ideas,” among other assurances. (Actually, our last encounter with Creed was in 2006, when he released his “Sick Film,” consisting only of people throwing up on camera. He said he had planned to do a similar film, titled with another 4-letter word beginning in S, but it’s not clear that he ever got any movement on that.) Reuters // NOTW 732 (2-17-2002) // NOTW 968 (8-27-2006)

Update: Abu Dhabi, where people pay more for the proper license plate than for their luxury car
It has been No Longer Weird for a while that people with money to burn don’t mind paying a premium for a “lookee how rich I am” license plate, but Abu Dhabi’s ridiculous. “It’s not enough to just have a Ferrari anymore,” said the city’s license plate, er, auctioneer. Plate “1" went for $14m; “5" for $9m. Buying “430" for your Ferrari F430 (car price: $180k) was a steal: $120k. Wall Street Journal

The Human Condition Today
Mega-rich financier Jeffrey Epstein reported to prison to do 18 months on a sex-tourism guilty plea, and he’s both wistful and remorseful, in that he has organized (for when he gets out) what he called a “board of directors” to counsel him on his reckless behavior . . . . . A local politico in North Carolina resigned after being implicated in a kidnaping, rape, and assault that might have connections to a Satanic cult and to her day job as “past life reconstruction” consultant . . . . . The Colorado Springs Gazette interviews a joyous, intelligent, uninhibited panhandler who has scoped the demographics, chosen his site, and makes $25 an hour.

Your Daily Loser
A 14-yr-old kid in Falmouth, Mass., first just up and shoved a 71-yr-old man (fishing with his grandson) off the dock into the water because, he said, he “thought it would be funny.” Then, after his arrest, police gave him his phone call, and he rang up a buddy to “brag and laugh” about it, according to police. Cape Cod Times

People Whose Sex Lives Are Worse Than Yours
Alan Patton, 56, is already a registered sex offender, but that was then, and now he says there’s no personal contact with boys, just laying down Saran Wrap in toilet bowls, placing cups at the bottom of urinals, and collecting the gold. WBNS-TV (Columbus, Ohio)

Your Daily Jury Duty
[no fair examining the evidence; verdict based on mugshot only]
David Gebhardt, 42, is facing a minor charge or two in Connecticut for walking along Interstate 291 wearing a thong, wig, and fake breasts. (No pedestrians allowed on Interstate highways!) Hartford Courant

The New York Times catches us up on that “federal agent” who blew into tiny Gerald, Mo., and virtually took charge of local crime-fighting (for which the community was grateful) [NOTW Daily, 5-15-2008], but he’s been busted as a wannabe, creating several distinct questions, all beginning with the phrase “why would somebody.”

Professor Music’s Weird Links
Sako Kojima, the performance artist who tries as hard as she can to, er, be a hamster “because they don’t meditate, they aren’t thinking deep.” “[A]fter time, [my] works show a sense of irony, pain, and sadness of individual human experience.”

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