Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wednesday’s Creme de la Weird

For part of this month, it’ll be illegal to “annoy” or “inconvenience” someone in downtown Sydney
Unfortunately, that’ll only be during the July 15-20 World Youth Day festival, when 200,000 Catholic pilgrims visit, but it could serve as a demonstration project! AP via Fox News

California hospitals commit about 100 “serious” errors a month
These are the ones they’re required to report (e.g., wrong-patient and wrong-site surgery, bedsores so serious that there’s rotting, items left in after surgery). Los Angeles Times

Can’t possibly be true: A college with a concierge desk, free snacks, live music in the cafeteria, and more
High Point (N.C.) University, and it has a “director of WOW!” (By the way, enrollment is up.) Chronicle of Higher Education // High Point Univ. website

Update: German banknote printer loses one of its most lucrative contracts (Zimbabwean dollars)
Until now, tons of paper arrive regularly in Harare because the incumbent multibillion-dollar notes go worthless every week or so, but the German gov’t has successfully leaned on the company. An official of Zimbabwe’s central bank [LOL!] said the country has a backup plan, but that it’s secret. Wall Street Journal

Update: Moe the chimp is missing in southern California
He’s the one adopted, toilet-trained, and otherwise humanized by the Davises of Covina (Moe slept in their bed, watched TV with them, was best man at their wedding), who fought the town to be able to keep him, but finally lost, then were forced to settle for daily visits at a local sanctuary, and it was there in 2005, taking Moe a birthday cake, that they were attacked by two other chimps, with Mr. Davis maimed (losing, among other appendages, his testicles and nose). The Davises are heartbroken that Moe has walked away, and they’re out looking for him in the nearby forest. AP via Charlotte Observer [contains a not-safe-for-stomachs photo of the noseless Mr. Davis]

Update: The story of that North Carolina politico in yesterday’s NOTW Daily (charged with rape, assault, Satanism) is much richer than initial reports indicated
She and her hubby were both sweethearts in their day jobs, but, man, oh, man, on their own time . . whew! According to police, their cults are things called Order of the Morning Star and Indigo Dawn. News & Observer (Raleigh) // WTVD-TV (Durham) // Indigo Dawn website

Update: The discovery last yr of potentially-live World War II bombs underneath an Orlando middle school was just the beginning
Homeowners in the area have found ‘em all over the place, and some people have been injured, and the Army Corps of Engineers has upgraded the search to a high priority, even though it’s not really sure it can find ‘em all. (Reassuring Army Corps quote: “Chances are, it’s not a problem.” [Yr Editor nominates this as official alternative to the ubiquitous “close enough for gov’t work”] CNN

Your Daily Loser
Police in Mesa, Ariz., called by neighbors to a loud domestic fight where a woman and a man were screaming at each other, arrested a 21-yr-old man who cops said was the only one there, alternating a high-pitched voice with a low-. Arizona Republic

People Whose Sex Lives Are Worse Than Yours
Mr. Nicodeme Petion, 41, who was arrested in Fort Pierce, Fla., sittin’ in his car with his pants down, porno magazines and condoms nearby, and a sock over his stuff (suspected of being “used,” if you get my drift). Fort Pierce Tribune

Your Daily Jury Duty
[no fair examining the evidence; verdict based on mugshot only]
John Walsh, 69, arrested in Australia and charged with axe-murdering his wife and two grandchildren. Australian Broadcasting Corp. News

A policy study group has concluded that Denmark is the world’s happiest country (except maybe for the hard-core Muslims there, still fuming over those cartoons) (and Zimbabwe the least happy; U.S. 16th happiest) . . . . . The French military, desperately needing a victory to shore up its image, won a firefight in Carcassonne–oh, wait, it wasn’t a battle; it was a domestic military exhibition that accidentally used live ammo when shots were fired into the crowd (wounding 17) . . . . . Recurring: Yet another of those fatal “running down the hallway” stunts that did not end at the end of the hallway but, rather, out the window and four flights down (AWI, of course).

(1) San Francisco’s foreign policy of escorting Honduran drug-dealing, illegal-immigrant youth home every time they get arrested [NOTW Daily, 6-30-2008] has been changed, now that Mayor Newsom has decided he may run for governor (and the fallback position, of sending those kids to shelters in San Bernardino County, caused County officials to hit the ceiling) . . . . . (2) The Utah Supreme Court overturned the 2005 manslaughter conviction of the guy who blew away the fella who had just given him a turbo-wedgie, saying the killer might deserve a little understanding.

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Yr Editor doesn’t read Turkish, but this appears to be the lovely Mrs. Ahmadinejad [link from]

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