Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chuck Finally Addresses His Mismanagement of His Google Groups Empire!

Republicans, Democrats Bi-Partisan (All Agree That Chuck's Deskwork Sucks)

THE F STATE, April 20 — Chuck Shepherd has finally figured out how to eliminate errors and redundancies and errors in his various Google Group mailings, so Listen Up!

There are now three Groups. (Any others have been eliminated, as a result of an 18-month study-commission finding.) Most of you are already signed up for what you want. But if you're not signed up, you must–if you wish to follow Chuck's work–sign up for one, or two (No one needs all three, as will be explained). (Oh, some of you could also read his "News of the Weird" column in what they call a "newspaper," but if you still read "newspapers," you probably don't own a computer, so . . ..)

Group One: sends out on Sundays the weekly syndicated News of the Weird column that's now in its 23rd year (and next Sunday's, on April 25th, will be its 1,159th consecutive issue). That Google Group is known as NewsoftheWeird (one "word," no spaces).

Group Two: sends out on Mondays [this week only: Tuesday!] the weekly syndicated online-only News of the Weird / Pro Edition, an enhancement over the News of the Weird column in the sense that (a) it's "real-time" (only stories from the previous week), (b) each story is hyperlinked back to the original news source, and (c) somewhat-edgier stories have a better chance of appearing in Pro Edition than in the News of the Weird column. That Google Group is known as ProWeird (one "word," no spaces).

Group Three (Brand New!): sends out on Tuesdays Chuck Shepherd's Weekly Intelligence Report, based on Pro Edition but including all the stories that made Chuck's penultimate cut for Pro Edition but didn't make the final cut. (On the other hand, readers might disagree; some stories that got left behind on the final cut might be better than Chuck gives them credit for.) And the Weekly Intelligence Report will certainly include the stories that would have made Pro Edition except for their tastelessness. Weekly Intelligence Report is the only one with extensive "Editor's Notes" of "personal" remarks from Chuck. This Google Group (Brand new! None of you is signed up for it yet.) is called ChucksWeeklyIntel (one "word"; no spaces).

Recommendations: If you're a casual News of the Weird fan, the group NewsoftheWeird may be plenty for you, especially if you're already signed up for it and are pleased at the level of time you spend on weird news. If you're a little more intense and/or a little more evolved about this, and have a little more time to spend, get both ProWeird and NewsoftheWeird. If you're way more intense and/or evolved, and can spend the time, and might actually be interested in what Chuck has to say every week, get both ChucksWeeklyIntel and NewsoftheWeird. (No one needs both ChucksWeeklyIntel and ProWeird because ChucksWeeklyIntel includes ProWeird. If you want to "upgrade" your ProWeird membership to ChucksWeeklyIntel, Mr. Google will have to handle that and not Chuck. If you "upgrade" to ChucksWeeklyIntel without also quitting ProWeird, you'll just get all three mailings every week, and no one needs all three.)

Of course, you can also read these weekly masterpieces elsewhere without signing up for anything:

One, the News of the Weird column is available in the daily or weekly newspaper where you've been reading it for years (if you have)–until the world as we know it ends and there are no more newspapers–and available online starting Sundays at

Two, News of the Weird / Pro Edition is available starting Mondays at
(but beware that that's a blog, and if you don't catch the post bright and early Monday, you might have to scroll down and down and down to find it each week)

Three, Chuck Shepherd's Weekly Intelligence Report is available starting Tuesdays [this week only: late Tuesday!] at
(replacing Pro Edition, which will no longer run on that blog)

If you're not already signed up for the Group(s) you want, here's how to do it. Go to the Group page(s) you want:

At each Group page, click Join this group on the right rail.
(If you do not have a Google account, (a) congratulations for keeping under the radar for so long, but (b) you'll have to sign up for one to join a group and get its free e-mails. Chuck knows that some people don't like Google, but, come on, they just told China to STFU, so cut 'em some slack, OK?)

E-Mail addresses:
When you receive any Google Group e-mail, an Unsubscribe address is at the bottom. If you quit the Group, you must use that address. (To change addresses, you must Unsubscribe and then return to the above page(s) to re-join at your new address.) Chuck, himself, does not do "subscriptions." However, other than that Unsubscribe e-mail address, no other Google Group address, on any of these three groups, works. Other than to Unsubscribe, if you need to send e-mail on any other issue, use either the address you've always used to write Chuck, or MinisterChuck at gmail dot com.

Thank you and Drive Safely,
Chuck Shepherd
(who, in this message, has been practicing his "writing in the third person" technique; how'd I do?)