Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yo, Weirdos and Weirdettes,
Something has come up.  Nothing really serious.  It's just that I have to end Pro Edition.  I'll still be publishing, but the scope for Pro Edition requires too much from me.  The News of the Weird column is about all that I can handle, and it will continue.  (The last time the world was without a News of the Weird column, Ronald Reagan was President.) 
However, I believe I can manage to write up a list of my favorite 12-15 news links every Monday, unstructured, without much ado.  I'll try that tomorrow morning.  We'll see what happens.
I'll soon be getting around to cleansing all my promotional materials so that you won't see Pro Edition referred to anymore (except those of you who have signed up for the Google Group "ProWeird," which will continue to be the name of the group that gets my Monday morning hit parade).
You might even prefer the hit parade to Pro Edition.  I know I will.