Monday, March 19, 2012

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March 19, 2012

(datelines from March 9 or later) (links correct as of March 19)
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Embden, Maine: Nobody remembers how the road got its name, but most residents want to leave it as is: "Katie Crotch Road." Kennebec Journal

Springfield, Mo.: Race, gender, religion, nationality? No problem with those as "protected classes" in anti-discrimination law. The Missouri House just added gays and lesbians "gun owners" to the list. St. Louis Public Radio

Houston, Tex.: You'll need to buy a program to get it straight. Lawyer and his squeeze put a hit on lawyer's wife. Hitman [Ed.: a real hitman, not an undercover cop!] wings her. Lawyer and wife reconcile. Wife sues squeeze. Depositions galore. ABA Journal

Denver, Colo.: Apparently, the best that cop Michael Nuanes Jr., 37, could do to defend against domestic abuse charges was to complain that she started it by hitting him in the foot with a Justin Bieber doll. (Nuanes's "Man" ranking in jeopardy.) KMGH-TV (Denver)

Davis, Okla.: Hawkeye Jeter, 77, was spotted doing a no-no with a show pig, but "all [I] did" was "I stuck my finger up her private" and "poured corn out to hold the gill still." [Ed.: Yee-hah, I wish I understood any of that that!] Alas, yes, he said, it was for sexual gratification. KFOR-TV (Oklahoma City)

Chicago: Fistfight over whose seat is whose, at a Chicago Black Hawks hockey game the Chicago Symphony. (Bonus: Conductor didn't miss a beat.) Chicago Sun-Times

Des Moines, Iowa: Barbers and beauticians need 2,100 hours of schooling for a state license (plus 8 continuing education hours every 2 years). Body piercers, not so many none at all, no license required. Des Moines Register

New York City: (Leading Economic Indicator) Total New York Times Company net profits over last four Internet-challenged years: $3 million. Exit package paid last year to retiring CEO Janet Robinson: $23.7 million. Bloomberg News

Palo Alto, Calif.: Someone stole an iPad, but the joke was on him, as police tracked it via GPS. Also in the house with the iPad: 780 lbs. of crystal meth. Victim: "They have $35 million [worth of meth], and they can't go out and buy an iPad?" Mercury News (San Jose)

Eugene, Ore.: Damien Bittar's Excellent Adventure: Get drunk on March 14th in the evening, then celebrate 21st birthday at midnight, then crash car at 1:30 a.m. (Bonus: crashed into an alcohol rehab facility.) KVAL-TV (Eugene)

Brisbane, Australia: [Ed.: We've reached the End Game in stories about overreliance on GPS navigators; with this one, the genre is officially No Longer Weird.] Three Japanese tourists tried to drive to North Stradbroke Island (15 km away). (Yes, stuck in the sand, plenty of time for photos!) Bayside Bulletin (Cleveland, Australia) [link from Nothing to Do with Arbroath]

Bolivia: Judge Gualberto Cusi, hailing from the indigenous Aymara community, admitted that sometimes, on difficult cases, he relies on coca-leaf readings. BBC News

Nantes, France: Just flew in from Paris, and, boy, is my nutsack tired! Jocko the Bull passed away, said to have fathered at least 161,888 calves (possibly 400,000). And in a report on the science of electro-ejaculation to increase the zoo populations, it was noted that the superstud "Jackson" has almost single-handedly kept U.S. zoos in the elephant business over the last ten years. Reuters /// The Local (Berlin)

London: It's not exactly a "news" story, but says it's real--a public restroom outfitted as a sex dungeon, with photos galore. Best if you don't use your imagination. [link from BoingBoing]

Your Weekly Jury Duty [In America, you're presumed innocent . . until the mug shot is released]:

Sardinia, Ohio: It's unclear whether Christopher Tolle, 23, is guilty of the burglaries, and it's also unclear how far away the headlights were when he posed for his mugshot. WLWT-TV (Cincinnati)

The Smoking Gun: Charged with maintaining a drug house and making marijuana (and perhaps suspected of eating several of the arresting officers).

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