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April 30, 2012
(datelines from April 20 or later) (links correct as of April 30)
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Mudgeeraba, Australia:  The parents of a 13-yr-old girl sued everyone remotely involved after the little buttercup got hit in the eye by a bad shot during a phys.ed. tennis game.  (Bonus: Schools in the area have already banned the ultra-dangerous "doing cartwheels" and "rover, red rover.")  Courier-Mail (Brisbane)

Cairo, Egypt:  It's maybe true that one of the two Islamist reforms recently proposed for parliamentary action explicitly extended a surviving spouse's conjugal privileges for six months after the other's death, but in defense, the clerics pointed out that it applies to surviving wives, too [ed.: insert joke about rigor mortis]  Al-Arabiya

New York:  The Morgan Stanley Quantitative and Derivative Strategies group released stats showing that "real" money accounts only for 16 percent of stock market trades.  The other 84 percent is robo-traded by algorithm.  Washington's Blog

Beavercreek, Ohio:  Robert Strank, 39, intending to rob the Huntington Bank, suffered an unknown medical condition as he approached the counter and asked that a teller call 911 for him.  Then he decided to present his holdup note, after all.  WDTN-TV (Dayton)

Dull, Scotland:  A resident on holiday in the town of Boring, Ore. (pop. 12,000), came home with a suggestion that the two villages become sister cities.  BBC News

Omulgee County, Okla.:  "Meth Lab Explodes in Man's Pants, Oklahoma Police Say"  The latest American technology breakthrough is the portable meth bomb, where you mix everything in a soda bottle and hope the pressure doesn't blow up your house, car, etc.  Associated Press via

Pearland, Tex.:  Ms. Mahogany Mason-Kelly, 20, tweeted, "I still gotta warrant in pearland . . those pigs will NEVER catch me!!! .. Never!!!"  (She was arrested the next day.)   ABC News

Chillicothe, Ohio:  We tried to warn those mothers who pushed their little buttercups into that "Toddlers & Tiaras" competition.  Police report that a screen capture from the TV show, featuring little Alaska Mathews, 9, wound up on a porn website and that they caught a man "performing a sex act" while ogling it.  WBNS-TV (Columbus)

Detroit:  Caught!  A male federal judge sexting (well, bare chest) a bailiff.  Shame, embarrassment  "Hot dog, yep, that's me.  I've got no shame in my game," said Circuit Court judge Wade McCree.  WJBK-TV (Detroit)

Beijing:  NBC News, interviewing the author of a new book on amateur English translations of Chinese restaurant dishes, found "Hand-Shredded Ass Meat," "Strange Flavor Noodles," "Blow-Up Flatfish with No Result," and "Donkey Made by Woman with Freckles."   MSNBC
Muncie, Ind.:  Apparently, she is Earth Day's biggest fan.  Andrea Ginther, 44, was arrested on that sacred day for punching a woman in the face for littering.  The Star Press (Muncie)
West Islip, N.Y.:  In news from the inner rings of Hell, Debbie Stevens is suing ex-boss Jackie Brucia for firing her right after Stevens had donated a kidney to Brucia.  (According to Stevens, Brucia thought Stevens should have recuperated faster from the ordeal and come back to work sooner.)  New York Post

Your Weekly Jury Duty [In America, you're presumed innocent . . until the mug shot is released]:

Longmont, Colo.:  Did Bruce Cook, 60, rob the Mile High Bank on Oct. 20th?  Longmont Times-Call

Cincinnati:  Did William Ferris, 29, abuse 911 again?  Ripped off by a prostitute againThe Smoking Gun

Bergholz, Ohio:  Y'all remember that Amish breakaway group that attacked their tormentors by cutting their hair (and led by a guy named Mullet) [NOTW M238, 10-30-2011]?  Here are four lovely ladies of the group, recently indicted.   The Smoking Gun

And then there's this guy, from The Smoking Gun's weekly mugshots.

Roseville, Calif.:  The mugshot is nondescript.  The question raised here is how a jury can ever find a man Not Guilty when, somewhere along the line, he chose to change his name to Obiwan Kenobi?  KXTV (Sacramento)

Editor's Note:  The week's best story wasn't exactly news, but you need to know just who are all those Alien Abductees?

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