Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Note from Chuck

Dear Weirdo,

I fear that I'm about to mess with you, and I feel bad about it.  I feel so bad, I'm willing to get down and dirty to make things somewhat easier for you.

Effective Monday morning, May 21, I'll be blogging News of the Weird 2.0 on most weekdays instead of doing the little Chuck's Cite-Seeing Tour (formerly Pro Edition) that I've been doing once a week on Monday mornings. 

It might well be that hearing from me by e-mail once a week is enough for you and that you do not want e-mail from me on "most weekdays."

If that's the case, I feel guilty, and let me do it this way.  DO NOT REPLY to this e-mail.  Send me a separate e-mail to WeirdNews at earthlink dot net, using your address that you receive my e-mails on.  Just say, Weekly OK, Not Daily.  I'll delete you within a couple of days.

Again, please DO NOT REPLY to this message.  (It'll go to Google, and increase my workload.)  Send me a separate message to WeirdNews at earthlink dot net.

THIS NOTE APPLIES ONLY to the e-mails you usually get from me on Mondays, currently entitled Chuck's Weekly Cite-Seeing Tour.  THIS NOTE DOES NOT APPLY to the e-mails I send on Sunday with the regular, weekly News of the Weird column.  (The column continues as always.  If you wish to unsubscribe that column, please follow the instruction at the bottom of any regular, weekly News of the Weird column e-mail.)

Happy Trails,