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June 7, 2012
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Movie Cliche Come to Life:  In Poplar Bluff, Mo., five teenagers sat in a car parked on railroad tracks, at night, playing "Ghost Train," i.e., telling scary stories.  Then what?  Anyone?  Right, a train comes along.  Then what?  Anyone?  Right, car won't start.  Five went out that evening, three came home.   St. Louis Post-Dispatch

People Different From Us

Chutzpah!  Detroit's chutzpahtic former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, now on parole after being convicted of lying repeatedly in court, objected to the part of his sentence that requires 16 hours' community service a month.  Gee, he wrote (as he awaits his federal corruption trial), "16" is really gonna mess my schedule up, what with all the paid speeches I'm booked for.   Associated Press via (Austin, Tex.)

Stillwater, Minn.:  Yikes.  Supposedly, Nicholas Doyle and Ashley Brooker got all their blemishes from days-long meth use.  Ewwww!   City Pages (Minneapolis)

Funny Old Country

A school official in Middleboro, Mass., got in trouble for actually accepting a "note from home" excusing little Gannon, 6, from a school activity.  It was written in "fluorescent yellow marker on finger-paint paper" and read [sic], "Dery Mrs. Trorryry: Gannon is not going to the program."   WCVB-TV (Boston)

Houston:  "Blanca," a mother of four, got caught in the middle of a Chase bank robbery, got scared to death, ran from the bank, saw an idling car, jumped in, and floored it for a safe distance before abandoning it.  And the car belonged to?  Anyone?  Yes, it was the getaway car.  KHOU-TV (Houston)

Aurora, Colo.:  Police enforcing a seat-belt law stopped a car because the front-seat people weren't belted.  In the back seat, though, was a gas can belted into a child-safety seat, and a diaper-wearing toddler free-ranging.  Awkward.

News of the Weird 1.0

Again:  In Edinburgh, Scotland, Scott Western, 44, was charged with beating up on his wife--even though, Scott points out, she had signed an S&M contract allowing him to punish her for breaking certain household rules.  The Scotsman

Update:  A small gathering in Shingo, Japan, staged their annual celebration at the site of Jesus's tomb.  Wait, what?  (You must be behind the curve.  Jesus moved to Shingo after the Resurrection, lived quietly, and died of natural causes.)  The Japan Times

Your Daily Jury Duty
[In America, you're presumed innocent . . until the mug shot is released]:

Surprise, Ariz.:  Kristopher Harvey, 32, stands charged with administering tough love to his early-teen sons, who had raided dad's liquor cabinet.  Do we need a trial? (Phoenix)
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