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June 24, 2012
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Editor's Note

[Editor's Pre-Note:  Those of you getting News of the Weird 2.0 by e-mail are not the primary audience for the Note below.  Getting it by e-mail means you are not in Category I of blog-browsing.  You might even be a "reader" and not a blog-browser at all.  Good for you.  But here are some thoughts about that.]

Below are some recent mugshot-centric links.  From time to time, some people ask me why don't I just copy the damned mugshot instead of forcing you to do the heavy lifting of making two mouse clicks.  After all, they say, there are dozens of mugshot-intensive blogs in the blogosphere.  Here are some short answers to the question (and I speak only for myself and not others who post on  (1) Though it's getting late in the life of the Internet, copyright issues for copying-versus-deep-linking have not yet been totally resolved; it is unlikely, though not impossible, that often I would arguably be disturbing a news organization's sense of copyright, and as a writer with newspaper income, I must not do that.  (2) Websites that load up on goofy mugshots are just click-whores, anyway, and that's not for me.  (They do get some income based on the clicks, and unfortunately, that's apparently not for me, either.)   (3) I am primarily an editor-writer, producing prose for readers.  Though my prose quality is mediocre, it would still be a leap for me to image-up my copy, to search-engine-optimize it, just to meet expectations of those out blog-browsing (and not really "reading").  Visitors who browse for images, or who demand their knowledge and entertainment only by headline, have a gazillion choices, and I don't need to compete with those.  (4) Often, the entertainment value of seeing the mugshot is enhanced after you know, briefly, what the story is--more than just by the initial shock value of seeing a goofy picture.

OK.  On to the mugshot-oriented links.  Tomorrow, non-mugshot-oriented news!

Your Daily Jury Duty
[In America, you're presumed innocent . . until the mug shot is released]:

Did she do it?  This chick, charged with larceny, might have a body (face) language problem.  The Smoking Gun

Orlando:  Juergen Heinricher was discovered Sanduskying with his girlfriend's kids in a swimming pool.   WESH-TV

Springfield, Mass.:  Police say this family man was negotiating with a street gal while his wife was waiting in their van.   WVIT-TV (New Britain, Conn.)

Orlando:  A well-known downtown homeless guy, Ronald Walsh, 35, was charged with assault, but Walsh sees it differently.   Orlando Sentinel

Fort Smith, Ark:  Thomas Morgan, 47, who goes by his stage name, Sondance the Clown, confirmed suspicions by being arrested for his stash of child porn.  (Scroll down at the link for the unadulterated Morgan mugshot.)   KHBS-TV (Fort Smith)

Ocala, Fla.:  What's the problem, officer, asked Joseph Conn, 49?  I always sunbathe naked . . in public view . . while holding a "sex toy."   Gainesville Sun

Santa Cruz, Calif.:  If Craig Souza, 34, came to your door, would you buzz him in?  Well, he got buzzed out, no questions asked . . at a police station, while being booked for a probation violation.  Santa Cruz Sentinel

Deltona, Fla.:  Add Kelsey Smith to the "People Who Are Messed Up" file.   Daytona Beach News-Journal

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