Saturday, January 04, 2014

January 4, 2014

“If they keep takin’ ‘em, I’ll keep makin’ ‘em” / Full Disclosure: I have the runs / “OK . . Clear! . . (“Ahhhh!”) / 84k?  Ehh, I guess Hep-C's not so bad

Update:  Fuhrer-wannabe Heath Campbell, 40, had another Aryan urchin (his 9th, by 5 mommas), and as little Eva Braun Campbell was emerging, Pennsylvania child welfare officials snatched her up.  New York Daily News   ///   NOTW .M098 (2-22-2009)   ///   NOTW .M246 (12-25-2011)   
TMI:  Newly-elected corruption-fighting minister Arvind Kejriwal of New Delhi, “true to [his] vow of transparency,” called in sick the first day--explaining that he had diarrhea.   Agence France-Presse via South China Morning Post

Of Course:  A handcuffed Douglas Lydic, 29, who fled a police cruiser in Commodore, Pa., was charged with escape, plus, of course, theft of handcuffs.   Associated Press via

Too Clever By Half:  Cops were called on two Los Angeles home-invaders, who were still on the scene when police arrived outside.  The perps (who’ve seen the same movies you’ve seen) persuaded the victim-residents to tie them up, too, so that when cops entered, they’d think the perps were actually victims.  Victims said, Sure.  Perps appeared shocked that as soon as the cops walked through the door, the victims ratted them out (and by then of course the perps could not take off because . . they were tied up).   Los Angeles Times

It’s supposed to be a genuine South African video of indigenous Venda people doing “traditional” bare-knuckle “Musangwe” fighting.  One guy knocks out another guy, who is revived by the traditional first-aid of . . genital massage.

Welshman Leon Humphreys, 60, spurning a plea on his traffic ticket, demanded his right to fistfight for his freedom (“trial by combat”) under ancient #English law.  (Denied.)  Daily Telegraph (London)

Can’t Possibly Be True:  C’mon.  Even Homeland Security wouldn’t . . ..  Did they really confiscate and destroy 13 handmade wood flutes that Canadian-American virtuoso Boujemaa Razgui brought in through Logan Airport?  (Officials:  Ya can’t bring “agriculture” in without special permission.)  Boston Globe

False Choice (I):  “Federalism” gives states the opportunity to serve their specific populations and the 50 states to “experiment” with a variety of approaches to problems; it is a feature of our gov’t, not a bug.  Ummm . . well, in the rush for variety, states may write laws that serve as gigantic loopholes for federal regulation that Congress intended to apply nationwide, like “dynasty trusts” in South Dakota and 3 other states, attracting business but frustrating federal estate law by allowing billionaires to set up their children’s children’s children in a style to which they’ll someday become accustomed.

False Choice (II):  Big Pharma needs to recoup its super-enormous research and testing costs for life-saving drugs, and therefore it’s fair that they charge whatever super-enormous price they come up with; to deny them that is to shut down life-saving-drug research.  Ummmm . . well, just because the company says it needs X retail price (never dare showing the bookkeeping, of course) doesn’t mean all the incentives wouldn’t remain in place even if the price were somewhat, or a lot, lower than X.   Say hello to Sovaldi, which can actually cure deadly Hep-C for #2m people at a straight cost of about $250 per but for which Gilead Sciences figures it deserves $84,000 each (with discounts for some 3rd-worlders among the 2m).  (Reporter: Mightn’t you cut the price once you’ve recouped your costs?  Gilead official: “That’s very unlikely we would do that.  [However] I appreciate the thought.”)  NPR

Newsrangers:  Craig Cryer and Kent Harris, and the News of the Weird Board of Editorial Advisors.